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Abraham-Hicks Videos,  Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

In these video clips Abraham teaches about Law of Attraction. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“Your exposure to contrast is what is what is causing the expansion of your desires, and in the moment that the desire or even the slightest preference expands forth from you, the Source from which you have come, and the Source that is the basis of that which you are, rides the rocket of your new expanded idea and becomes it vibrationally…” – Abraham

“You are all short selling yourself and living but a shadow of life that is you when you do not take the time to manage the vibration that is you and bring it in to the equivalency of who you really are. When you are in your most joyous moment, you are blended between you and you. When you are in your most irritated moment, you have separated yourself from who you are…” – Abraham

“So when you begin to understand that you are a thinker who is projecting thought, and that Law of Attraction is managing all of the thoughts that exist, and is bringing back to everyone equivalence to the thoughts they are thinking, it makes you want to begin to pay attention to your thoughts. However, paying attention to your thoughts makes you crazy, because there are so many thoughts. How do you even decide what thoughts are the right thoughts…” – Abraham

“We think just a little understanding of vibration, a little understanding of who you are, a little understanding of your own guidance system, would serve you so very well.We think that if you could just know that the way you feel is your indication of whether you are in sync with who you have become or not…” – Abraham

“You must find a way, somehow, someway, to bring yourself in to vibrational frequency of that which you are asking for. In other words, when you are asking for more money, you must not continue to tell the story “I don’t have enough money”. You cannot continue to point out the absence of something you want without holding yourself in resistance to something that you want…” – Abraham