The Magic of Allowing

By Kathryn Corbin

“All you have to do is decide what you would like to experience, and then allow it in order to receive it.” – Abraham-Hicks

According to the Law of Attraction, the manifestation process consists of three steps:

Step 1) You have a desire.

Step 2) Source says YES – every single time.

Step 3) YOU say YES. You ALLOW what you desire to manifest in your life. Step Three is the Magic of Allowing.

When you have a desire, Source says YES and, vibrationally, it is yours. At that point, the manifestation of your desire is in a sort of vibrational escrow waiting for you to catch up with it, waiting for you to align with it. EVERYTHING you desire is in vibrational escrow waiting for you to let it in, so the question becomes: Will you allow yourself to have what you desire?

To fully understand the Magic of Allowing, it is necessary to understand its opposite – Resistance. Resistance is the act of blocking the object of your desire – saying NO to yourself – generally due to limiting beliefs and feelings of powerlessness. Allowing brings you what you desire and resistance acts as a barrier to it. In every moment, you have two choices – You can Allow or you can Resist.

To get an indication of your state of allowing or resisting, check in with your Emotional Guidance System. How are you feeling? When you think about your desire and feel good – happy, excited, energized – you’re in a state of allowing. When you think about your desire and feel bad – scared, angry, frustrated – you’re in a state of resistance. You can tell by the way you feel whether you’re allowing or resisting.

Desire and Allow and It’s Yours! Whatever you desire and allow, you will experience – no exceptions. When desiring and allowing come together, they result in the creation and manifestation of your desire. If you listen, you will hear Source gently calling you toward your desire. If you listen, you will hear Source consistently encouraging you to “come this way, come this way.”

Just Say YES! Let’s say you’d like to manifest greater abundance. The best way to allow more money into your life is to FEEL as if you already have more money. If you feel poor, you can not attract wealth. The Law of Attraction is absolute and will bring you only what you are a vibrational match to. Perhaps you’re ready to drop a few pounds. As you find the feeling place of your ideal body, you become a vibrational match to your svelte new form and you allow your body to align with your desire.

So how do you stop resisting and start allowing? How do you open the door to let in what you’re asking for? Here are some ways to say YES to your desires:

  • Get to the FEELING PLACE of having what you desire by visualizing and imagining yourself already living your dreams.
  • Make FEELING GOOD the most important thing. When you FEEL GOOD, you’re a vibrational match to your desires and they flow to you easily and effortlessly.
  • FOCUS more on having it than on NOT having it. Notice when you’re focusing on what you DON’T want and switch to what you DO want.
  • Find things to APPRECIATE. Living in an attitude of gratitude is a high vibration which allows all your dreams to come true.
  • BELIEVE you can have it. When feelings of doubt come up, gently replace these “gremlin” thoughts with hopeful, optimistic thoughts that FEEL GOOD.
  • ACCEPT where you are and keep pointing in the direction of your desires.
  • Listen for and take the INSPIRED ACTION. (Inspired action always feels good.)
  • LET IT HAPPEN rather than trying to make it happen. As you stop trying to force your desires to happen and instead allow them to happen, they will appear in a way that seems magical.

So, WILL you allow yourself to have what you desire? Will you allow yourself to have the bank account that’s full to overflowing? the healthy, fit and toned body? the fulfilling career? the partner of your dreams? the exotic vacation? the feelings of peace, love, and joy? Source has already said YES to you. Will YOU say YES to you?

When you embrace the Magic of Allowing, you know that everything you desire is flowing to you and that all things are unfolding for your benefit. With the Magic of Allowing, you know that your job is to have desires and the job of the Universe is to fulfill them. With the Magic of Allowing, you know that all you have to do is decide what you would like to experience and then allow it to manifest. And that’s a pretty magical system, don’t you think?


Kate Corbin is a Law of Attraction Coach and the creator of Gold Star Coaching. Both her coaching practice and her three eBooks – “Dining at the Cosmic Cafe, How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire;” “Manifesting from the Inside Out with the Law of Attraction;” and “Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction” – are designed to empower you to truly live the life of your dreams. To contact Coach Kate, download a free copy of her eBook “Magical Musings on the LOA,” and subscribe to her ezine, visit Gold Star Coaching.