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Thought vs Action – Which Matters Most?

By Jeannette Maw

Plenty of people believe in order to get what we want, we have to go out and make it happen. That we have to roll up our sleeves and pay our dues to earn our reward. They would argue our thoughts aren’t what make the difference – action is.

Latest research is beginning to show, however, that our thoughts ARE things that play a role in what happens. Author Lynne McTaggart compiles many of those studies in her book “The Intention Experiment,” which raises eyebrows among even law of attraction skeptics.

For an open-minded person, the question surfaces about the value of thought and action and how they interplay when it comes to creating the lives we want.

Hard core proponents of the law of attraction tell us action isn’t what makes the difference in getting what we want. They believe all that matters in regards to what manifests in our life is what we vibrate. They say you don’t have to figure out how to make your dream come true – you just vibrate it and Universe will deliver.

In the middle of the road are other metaphysical practitioners who believe that thought alone won’t get you anywhere, but that the combination of thought and action is what creates powerful change in our lives.

Who’s got it right? Folks who believe action is what makes things happen? Those who believe thoughts alone create everything? Or those in between?

Here’s how thought and action really work in our world and how we can best use them to easily and swiftly achieve our dreams.


Let’s take for example someone who wants financial abundance. Most people who want more money have been trained to believe we have to earn it, that getting more money means getting a raise, working more hours, picking up a second job or getting more clients. Some resort to reducing expenses, while others sign up for training or education to be more valuable in the work place. Still others rely on chance by participating in the lottery or going to Vegas.

Are these actions effective? Is there a right or wrong way to approach financial prosperity? Although plenty of experts would sell you their formula for financial success, there IS no absolute right or wrong action. Some things work for some people and not for others. That’s because it isn’t the action itself that makes the difference. It’s how you feel about the action that matters most.

Which means your results in life aren’t dictated as much by the actions you take as they are about your feelings about the action. The important question becomes how does this action make you feel? No one can know that but you. Some people pick up a second job and feel empowered and on track; others pick up a second job and feel desperate and spiraling downward.

What we feel is what matters. That’s what makes up our vibration, which is what the Universe answers. We’re not awarded happy endings as a result of a price we pay or the amount of effort we expend or how much we’ve suffered in order to deserve it. It’s simply a matter of getting what we vibrate.

So if we’re going to rely on action to get what we want, at the very least we want to ensure the action we take allows us to vibrate alignment with our end goal. Otherwise, we’re actually holding at bay the results we want.


Let’s look at it from the standpoint of relying on thought (or vibration) alone in order to get what we want.

Some practitioners of the law of attraction have been taught we’ll be handed all our dreams and desires if we simply believe them real. We’re told the brain doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined, so if we just imagine strong enough and long enough that we are rich, the Universe has to make it so.

And we need never leave the comfort of our couch in order to let it happen.

The problem for most of us is that it’s a nice concept, but we’ve been so conditioned to believe action is required that believing in the power of thought alone is a little farfetched. If we don’t believe we can manifest money “magically” into our lives, it’s not likely to happen.

My experience with most people is that although we might want to believe we can think something into existence, we often hold an element of doubt about it. (That doesn’t mean it’s not possible and that people aren’t already doing it!)


The power for most people is combining the power of thought with our reliance and belief in action. When we leverage thought to create a vibration aligned with the results we desire, and we take action that enhances that vibration, our creative power shines. That’s when it looks to outsiders as if we were favored by the gods, living a charmed life where everything goes our way.

Taking the action we think will serve us very often is what triggers an aligned vibration. In fact, very often deliberate creators find once they get their vibration lined up (by holding proper thoughts and feeling aligned emotions), they don’t even have to take action before good things start happening.

Many of us approach our dreams backwards. We think we have to “figure out” what to do in order to get what we want. We think action is required and that’s what we focus on. But if we never check in on how that action feels, we spin our wheels frustrating ourselves to the point where we often give up – or at least go at it the hard way.

Things go much smoother and manifest more quickly when we first get our vibration lined up (by thinking right thoughts and feeling good) and then taking inspired action.

Have fun playing with getting your energy lined up with what you want first, and then check in on what feels good to do next. Combining the power of right thought and inspired action allows for really cool manifestations in your life.


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