To Not Backslide From Your Well-Being

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript was excerpted from their workshop in Houston, TX on January 23, 1994. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website: http://www.abraham-hicks.com/

To Not Backslide From Your Well-Being

Q It’s kind of interesting, I had a lot of thoughts before I came here today, and
a lot of them have been answered. But the thing that I get very frustrated with, is
that I know it works. I’ve tried it, I’ve seen it happen, but it’s like all of a sudden
I’ll go to sleep and wake up the next morning, and a cloud takes over. And I’m sort
of backsliding; I’m right back where I started from. Without even realizing it, I’m
going down the road, and I’m feeling more and more miserable. And then all of a
sudden I’ll say, “Well, what am I doing?”

When things were really good… How can you ever get to a point when
things are really good and things are really going well, that they’ll stay that way?
It’s like I want them to stay that way, but for some reason, I go to sleep and it’s
like the bitey-,booger steps in and boy oh boy, I’m off into another tangent.

A The nice thing about what you’ve just acknowledged is that… Let’s say that
you have intended a perfect life and are living it for a while. And then you have a
little bit of that what you are calling backsliding. And it happened first with
attention to lack, but you didn’t notice that. And so, because you didn’t notice it,
you kept doing it, and you didn’t notice that either. And so, pretty soon you’re
talking to others about it, but you’re not really noticing that either. And then you
have a physical manifestation that gets your attention. And then you notice it.

And we say, it really does not matter at what point you notice what you
don’t want. In the moment that you’re aware that you’re getting something you
don’t want, just start talking more about what you do want. And why you want it.
You can turn it around at any point. The answer to your question is, and your
question is, “Will I ever get to the point that I don’t have any negative?” We would
say, no, not as long as you’re here in this physical environment because the
negative is contrast, and contrast is part of the clarity that you are wanting from
this environment.

“Will I ever get to the place where I’m dominantly joyful?” Yes. “Will I
ever get to the point where I will be so sensitive to negative emotion, that I will
notice it in the early subtle stages, so that I can turn it around in Energy?” Yes.
“Will I ever get to the point where I never have to live out another negative
physical manifestation?” Yes. In other words, when you reach the place that you
are so much wanting to feel good, that you are sensitive to all Energy that you are
flowing, and in the moment that you have a thought that is negative, and therefore
disallows the connection with who-you-are, you feel it and say, “Oh, enough of
that. What I want is this.” Then what you will live is a life of only positive
manifestation, and only occasional negative emotion.

When you get so good at feeling negative emotion that you head it off before
it gets bigger and causes negative manifestation, then you are living the life that
you’ve intended in this physical body. We’ve watched many of you who, by
identifying how much you want this connection to Nonphysical Energy, now
you’re hypersensitive when you’re not.

In other words, sometimes we see Esther. When she is hearing somebody, or
hearing of somebody, saying something hurtful to another person, Esther feels as
much pain as if that other person had taken a gun and shot the person dead. In
other words, you get more sensitive to thought and Energy than you ever have been
before. But the big bonus to that is, the more sensitive you are to thought and
Energy, the more you can mold and control the thought and Energy before there is
a physical manifestation. Does this make sense to you?

Have fun with all of this. You’re doing extremely well. We would like to
leave you with some very wise words: Lighten up. Laugh more, play more, look
for the fun more, appreciate more, bask more. Most of you are so bogged down in
the action oriented details of your physical experience, that you are smothering
yourself with overwhelment. If you could realize that nothing that you’re doing
matters much at all, and in the midst of doing… In other words, there’s a lot of
things that you do, that while you’re doing them, you could be flowing a lot of
positive Energy.

As Esther and Jerry were driving over here today, Esther flooded so much
Energy, she used it as a very comprehensive workshop. It was many hours of not a
lot of things to do. The telephone wasn’t ringing, the television wasn’t calling her
attention, some conversation with her mate, but not much in the span of hours. It
was a tremendous opportunity to pick little subjects and ponder them positively.

Think and feel, think and feel, think and feel, think and feel, think and feel.
Sometimes the thoughts are not self-generated. Sometimes somebody else projects
them into your experience. So receive the thought and feel it. “Hmm, that one
didn’t feel very good,” you say. “Well, I know what I don’t want. What would I
prefer about this?” Now, you’ve got something to chew on. Envision around it.

We ask sometimes, what do you want, and you give us a few simple
statements. “I want this, this, this, this.” We ask you what you don’t want, you
could write books about it. You’re very articulate at describing what is not wanted.
What we’re wanting you to do is get more articulate about what you do want, and
why you want it. Bring yourself to the place that any time anybody asks you what
do you want, that you could go on for twenty minutes without stopping. Set a goal
to be so clear, and have so much on the tip of your tongue, on the tip of your mind
what you want and why you want it, that you could stop for twenty minutes
without even taking a breath. That the thoughts would flow so easily.

Break your desires down into four parts: my body, my work, my home, my
relationships. And start practicing. “What do I want relative to my body? I want to
feel good. I want to feel vital and alive. I want to feel good in my body. I want it to
be flexible. I want to move about easily. I want to feel good in this physical time
and space in this body.

“What do I want relative to my work? I want to be productive. I want my
work to be lucrative. I want to feel good about what I do. I want to be of value to
others. I want others to feel the value of themselves as a result of interacting with

“Relative to my home, what do I want? I want a comfortable nest. I want to
feel good in it. I want it to be beautiful. I am wanting to feel comfortable and I’m
wanting others to feel comfortable when they are in my nest. I want it to be
efficient and organized.

“What am I wanting relative to my relationships? I am wanting relationships
that make my heart sing. I am wanting people around me that laugh. I’m wanting
people to laugh when they are with me, and I’m wanting to laugh when I’m with
them. I’m wanting us when we get together, to put our thoughts together and go
beyond that which we have thought before. I want us to have so much fun when
we’re together, that being together is something that we think about all of the
time.” You see what we’re getting at?

There is so much more that you already know that you want, but you don’t
spend much time reflecting on it because you are so busy—most of you, not you—
but most physical Beings, most Mass Consciousness has been trained to push so
hard against what you don’t want, that you’re almost forgetting altogether about
what you do want.

So here’s all this Nonphysical Energy, Well-Being. This is not piddley stuff.
This Well-Being keeps your planet in orbit. This Well-Being keeps your blood
pumping, even when you are fast asleep. This Well-Being keeps the Life Force in
the seed, so that one tomato can continue to regenerate eternally. Can you feel the
power of the Well-Being that we are talking about? Do you realize what you have
access to?

And do you know that the only thing that holds you apart from this Energy,
is that you complain about this, and you worry about that, and you don’t like that,
and you blame that. You vibrationally hold yourself apart from the Life Force that
is evidenced everywhere around you.

So what we are encouraging you to do is practice getting in the flow.
Appreciate. Bask. Applaud. Acknowledge Well-Being, and you will receive it back
a thousand-fold in every day that you offer it. Every day. We are ranting and
raving a bit.

Oh it is exhilarating to be able to come face to face with physical Beings,
who are here to live the manifested purpose of our Nonphysical Beingness. In
other words, to see you here right where you wanted to be, exactly where we all
perceived it to be, and to see you not allowing the Well-Being to flow in the way
you all meant to do, it makes us want to do something to help you move over the
edge of understanding. Good.

– Abraham-Hicks – Houston, TX – 01/23/94