Top 5 Vibe-Kinkers (and Their Antidotes)

by Jeannette Maw

Are you engaging any of these manifesting handicaps? These are the most common ways we create misalignment to what we want:

1. We judge. Others, ourselves, situations. Judgment is resistance, and it doesn’t (usually) feel good. There are times when there’s relief in judging, but it’s not usually long-lasting. This is a good habit to release in order to let your dreams come to fruition.

The antidote is to allow, allow, allow. (Even if you have to begin by allowing yourself to judge!)

2. We worry. We humans are gifted story tellers, and when we imagine a negative future, that vibration keeps us from manifesting what we want most. If you’ve got a habit of telling the negative story, it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

Antidote: hang out with positive and uplifting people. (It can be as easy as reading a copy of Pollyanna. She’s the best in the business for seeing things in a positive light, and she will rub off on you.)

3. We care too much what others think. If our own inner guidance isn’t running the show, we’re bound to run into a kink or two. Working to gain the approval of others is a sure fire way to sabotage your own desires and passions.

The antidote here is to practice caring less what others think and honor more of what your true self wants. It’s a self-reinforcing practice, so just getting started ensures your success. (If you’d like help, check out Art of Self Love.)

4. We don’t know when to drop it. One of my favorite tips from Abraham is to know when to get specific and when to “go general.” Many of us focus on what feels bad, when in actuality that’s a perfect time to stop focusing and start generalizing.

Antidote: when you’re feeling less than fab, entertain more general thoughts like “I’ve been through worse than this;” “It can’t last forever;” etc. Get out the magnifying glass when you’re in a good mood only.

5. We take it too seriously. Life really can be delicious when we learn to lighten up and enjoy. Did you read the top five regrets of the dying? It’s sure to inspire you to forge a different path.

Antidote: remember these words of wisdom: “If you’re too busy to enjoy life, you’re too busy.” Make time to laugh, play, and goof off. It not only pays off handsomely, it feels good, too!


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