Tough Decisions Made Easy

By Jeannette Maw

Get the right answer every time

Sooner or later it happens to us all – a big decision comes up and we don’t know what to do. Whether it’s deciding the fate of a relationship, choosing a work path or some other dilemma, sometimes we get stuck between choices.

That’s when we often turn to experts, friends or family for advice. However, the answer to your dilemma lies within, because no one else knows what’s best for you.

You’ve got a built-in guidance system that will lead you to the right answer every time, without fail. That guidance system is your emotions.

So what to do next time your head is spinning with no clear answer? It’s easy: use your guidance system by paying attention to your emotions and choose what feels best. That’s it – plain and simple. No need to consult best friends, therapists, or astrologers; no need to toss and turn each night wondering what to do. Your emotions will tell you loud and clear.

How does this process work? Consider each of your choices separately, in detail, and pay attention to how you feel with each one. How will it feel as you announce this decision? How will it feel to follow through on the actions? Do you experience a surge of energy? Does a smile hint on your lips? These are good signs this is the right choice for you.

If, on the other hand, your energy drops, your shoulders feel heavier, or you feel anxious – this isn’t the choice for you. No matter HOW much sense it makes in your head, this decision will not lead you to a happy ending.

Here’s a heads up on what trips us up: When we can’t decide, it’s usually because we’re in the grip of our gremlin (a.k.a. ego or reptilian brain). It’s not likely we’re going to make the right choice when our gremlin’s in charge. Our disguised fear can drive us to make the socially-acceptable choice, rather than follow our true heart’s desire.

So when you’re making a tough decision, choose what feels good, keep your fears in check, and remember that no one else can make a better decision than you can for yourself. You can’t go wrong choosing what feels good!


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