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Trying to Conceive for Two Years

In this video clip Abraham talks about the reason why it might take a long time to conceive a child, or to get anything you want in your life. Excerpted from the Boston, Massachusetts workshop on October 7, 2000. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“It is about relaxing and allowing what you are wanting. One of the things that complicates this a little bit, it complicates everyone’s desire about almost everything is your tendency to look outside of your experience at other people’s experience and say “Well it is easy for them. There are all kinds of people getting pregnant all over the place that don’t even want to be pregnant. How do you explain that when I, who really wants to, am having a hard time with it?” And we say it’s all about the splitting of energy within you.” – Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: Vortexy Joy