Use Prayer to Empower the Law of Attraction

by Patricia Winston

Over the course of my life, applying the law of attraction, the law of vibration, the law of cause and effect, etc., and studying the ancient knowledge from the world’s religions, I’ve become familiar with four modes of prayer.What is it about prayer that can enhance your daily practice and empower the law of attraction? How do you pray?

Following are the four modes I know about: (1) informal, prayers; (2) petitionary prayers; (3) ritualistic prayers; (4) meditative prayers.

You might be familiar with them and you might be using one or a combination of several.

One day, while cleaning my office, dusting the book shelves and sorting through my audio files, I found a cassette tape by Gregg Braden produced in 1999 called the “Lost Mode of Prayer.” Yippee! I was so excited. I remembered hearing this tape many years ago and I popped the player open to listen again. I was enthralled to hear about Gregg’s travels to research his subject. Tibet, Egypt, the US Southwest.You know, the knowledge, about how to tune your life, create your destiny, develop your potential is not a secret – it’s available from many cultures, countries, places in the world.

Gregg Bradens’ 90 minute presentation brought the fifth mode of prayer to my attention again. He interviewed a Tibetan monk and this is what the monk said about this mode of prayer:

“Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer.”

That’s pretty simple. Without specific words, without our hands held in a certain position or any outward physical expression, this mode of prayer simply invites us to feel a clear and powerful feeling as if our prayers have already been answered.

Through this non-specific “language,” we participate in the healing of our bodies, the abundance that comes to ourselves, our friends and families, and the peace between nations.

Gregg Braden states, “For our prayers to be answered, we must transcend the doubt that often accompanies the positive nature of our desire.” And he reminds us of the words of Jesus from the teaching in the Nag Hammadi Library; “Mountain move away.”

So, what did I take away from this trek down memory lane? That in order for my prayers to be effective, I use my imagination to see the end result as though it’s happened. I use my feelings to acknowledge the reality of my desire here and now. I place myself within the framework of a done deal!

I don’t know how the world economy sorts itself out bringing peace and prosperity to all beings in every country of the world. I just know that it does now and I am fulfilled.

I can see it and feel it – can you?


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