You came into your physical body in a perfect state of well-being, but as you moved through your life you developed habits of worry, frustration, concern, anger and other negative thought patterns, which caused disruption in the pure, positive flow of energy that is at your core.

You are the Creator of your own reality and as you remember who-you-really-are, and begin to live your life deliberately and consciously, absolute well-being can be restored.

In order for well-being to be restored, you must be without resistance. Your emotions are your guidance system. Anytime you focus on negative thought patterns, you are hindering your state of well-being.

A simple withdrawal of your attention from resistant thoughts is the key to bringing you back into balance.

Anytime you are feeling good and holding positive thoughts, you are back on track and on the path of well-being. As you stay focused on wanted things, instead of unwanted things, you will enjoy a new perspective on your life experiences which will allow new discoveries, better relationships, fun adventures, expanded awareness, more desires, increased appreciation – all of which refreshes and contributes to absolute well-being.


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To Not Backslide From Your Well-Being
transcript and videos excerpted from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in Houston, TX, 1994.

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“Your natural state is one of absolute well-being. Your life is supposed to feel good to you. When you are in a contented state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous, you are being who-you-really-are. As you were coming into your physical experience, you understood that the basis of the Universe – both physical and Non-Physical – is one of absolute Well-Being.” – Abraham-Hicks