What is the Vortex and How Do I Get in It?

by Imelda Leahy

As soon as we connect with the deliciousness of wanting, our desire has already been created for us in the swirling energetic mass that is our vibrational reality, or our VORTEX. That’s right, it already exists in the vibrational world and anything that is wanted always begins as a vibrational creation.

Whilst we are physical beings, we also have a non-physical part to us that becomes the expanded, or vibrational version of ALL the things that we are wanting, or have ever wanted. This makes sense, because when we are expecting something exciting and absolutely knowing it is coming, feeling the wonderful positive anticipation, it does not matter that it is not yet physically here, because it’s already done and vibrationally we are there!

In the VORTEX is our knowing, all the answers, the clarity, our understanding, our inspiration; in the VORTEX are all of our solutions, our wondering, our perfect love match, our right work, the holidays of our dreams, our glowing health, sumptuous homes, grandest visions, our abundant wealth and our vitality. Outside of the VORTEX is our doubt, our anxiety, our mistrust, our questions and our disappointments. So the Vortex is like an energetic “holding bay”, where all of what we desire is kept for us in the vibrational world, until WE are vibrationally ready to allow it to come to us in our physical world.

You see the thing that stops us from getting at those goodies is the vibrational gap between where we are now in relation to what we desire and the full physical experience of it. To put it simply, we ain’t vibrating high enough to be a match to the good stuff!

So if the best way to receiving all those goodies is to get in the VORTEX, where it is all happening, just how is it that we get in there? To be in the Vortex is to be going with the flow of life, to be in love with life, trusting that all is well, to be peaceful, following our bliss, connected and content. There are any number of ways that we can lift our vibration, so that we are living more and more in the VORTEX. Here are just a few:

Be grateful and appreciative of the many blessings in your life, making time each and every day to focus on these. If you do that, you can enjoy feeling your vibration rise and notice that you don’t have to do too much chasing after the life that you want quite so much, as the life you want mostly makes it way to you.

Make time for the things that make your heart sing. We all have our passions be that running, listening to music, being in countryside, eating fine food, walking on the beach (you know what yours is). Prioritize it, talk about it, remember it and plan more events like it.

Practice the activities that make you feel peaceful like yoga, meditation, dancing, singing and having massages.

Make peace with where you are. Today, right now you are here and there is no point fighting it. Bless this moment.

Bless others – seeing them in their most expanded version of themselves, happy, abundant and content.

Take your time over the good stuff and the fun times – talk about it, post in your Facebook, write in your journal, remember it last thing at night.

Laugh more and watch comedies. Have you heard of Norman Cousins? He was a man diagnosed with a debilitating, life-threatening illness, from which he was not expected to recover and he knew that his mental attitude was pivotal in his recovery process, so he laughed his way to health. Several times a day he enjoyed a hearty belly laugh, by watching funny movies, giving him hours of pain relief. He laughed his way into his Vortex! No longer a match to low vibrational outcomes, he had to thrive.

“Laughter may, or may not activate the endorphins, or enhance respiration, as some medical researchers contend. What seems clear, however, is that laughter is an antidote to apprehension and panic.” Norman Cousins

When you are in the vortex you are a match for ANYTHING that is wanted. What are you waiting for?!

Imelda Leahy, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Trainer, runs a personal development business called The Law of Attraction School, based in Brighton, UK. She offers flexible telephone coaching, as well as group coaching/training, based on The Law of Attraction, so that you can be coached from anywhere in the world. Practical tools, techniques and processes can be easily learnt to help you to get this powerful creative energy on your side. Anyone can learn and change; it is very simple. You get what you focus on – wanted, or unwanted. You are invited to visit the website for further information about The Law of Attraction, to sign up for Imelda’s free Ezine “Attractive World!”, to see testimonials about her short-term and solution-focused Coaching Packages, or to make contact if you have any questions about The Law of Attraction and the service that she offers.