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What to Do When Life Gets Hard

In this video clip, which was extracted from an Abraham-Hicks workshop in San Fransisco in February 2019, Abraham responds to a man who has had a difficult life. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“When you get something from a situation or from a person that you don’t like and you have a reaction to it, usually a negative reaction if you don’t like it, if you could say to yourself There’s only attraction, there’s only attraction, there’s only attraction…there is no assertion. So nobody else asserted that – not God, not that person, nobody has asserted anything. It is only attraction. I attracted this.” Well, sometimes that’s a really sucky thing to hear from yourself about yourself because you don’t want it and why would you attract something you don’t want. Start there. It matters that you start there. There’s only attraction, only attraction…”
– Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: Abraham Hicks Daily