When You Want to Manifest a Specific Lover
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When You Want to Manifest a Specific Lover

By Jeannette Maw

Maybe it’s the time of year, but my inbox has a definite theme of queries this month.

It seems like every other person who writes wants to know how to manifest a specific someone into their love life.

Ay yi yi.

I’ve been responding individually, but I’m just going on the record with an official post on this subject once and for all.

Note: this is different than when someone is attracting a person with specific qualities or attributes. This post is for when someone wants this particular Jane or John Doe into their arms.

Here’s my answer to the question, “Is it possible to manifest a certain person into my love life and if so, how?”

Yes, it’s possible, but please, don’t bother.

There’s a better way for you to get the love you want.

I know a lot of other LOA savvy folks say that it isn’t even possible to manifest a specific person into a love relationship.

That’s probably the best way to think about this subject.

However, that hasn’t been my experience.

But because I do have experience on this, it is very easy for me to recommend that you don’t go that route. It is not going to take you where you want to go. It really truly isn’t a focus that will serve you.

What you do want to focus on is what you really want.

And that’s not the one particular person that your mind might be fixated on.

What you want is how you think you’ll feel when you’re in a relationship with this person.

Those are two potentially different things.

And because of that, you want to pursue the latter, not the former.

Your higher self (or angels, guides, God, Universe – whatever you want to call higher power) is way better at arranging the love of your life than you are.

For some reason, we meet some “close but not quites” on the journey. Those are the men and women in our lives who give us glimpse of possibilities of a fabulous love, but for some reason it doesn’t pan out.

My friend, let it go.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.

You’ll not achieve your best alignment to love by trying to hang onto it.

Instead, tap the feelings of love right now.

Not yearning, not chasing, not desperateness, not clinging, not manipulating, not obsessing.


You know how that feels, right?

Tune into that, and you’ll allow your best lover to arrive on your doorstep.

You can align to love by:

  • joyously recalling the best parts of your last love
  • enjoy imagining what might be transpiring in an alternate reality where things did work out with your fav someone
  • watch or read an inspiring love story
  • practice loving yourself
  • or just go about loving life in general.

But please stop thinking your romance has to be with so-and-so.

Consider him/her a filler, a stand in, a whiff of what’s to come, just to whet your appetite for something even better.

Because if you are attached to a certain person, you’re kinking up your own love story.

Let them go and get on with loving your life.

And trust me, you’ll be headed straight for your happily ever after with your next perfect someone.


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