Your Fortune – Telling Thoughts

Your Fortune – Telling Thoughts

By Jeannette Maw

Have you ever been tempted to pay a fortune teller for a glimpse into your future? Or maybe you visit with psychics, astrologers or palm-readers to learn what lies ahead?

Truth be told, there’s a much more reliable indicator of what’s in store for you. And you don’t have to dial an 800 number, pay money for it, or ever question its accuracy! The reliable predictor of your future is simple: your thoughts.

Turns out there’s this funny thing called the Law of Attraction which basically says “like attracts like.” Our thoughts are energetic creations, so as we think a thought, we’re creating energy – which in turn attracts like energy. This is why they say “you get what you think about.” We really do.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s easy to see what’s in store for yourself by simply observing your thoughts.

Researchers say we have on average ten thoughts per minute, so a quick sampling of what’s running through your brain will reveal much about your future. Are you thinking about the ten extra pounds you’d like to lose? That thought is attracting like energy – which sooner or later shows up as ten extra pounds you’d like to lose.

Do you notice a thought about those irritating noisy neighbors? Hmm, that thought is attracting more irritating neighbors. Are you entertaining thoughts about how much work there is to do? You’re probably getting the hang of this by now, so you know you’re attracting more work to do, right?

Remember the riddle “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” We could ask the same thing of our thoughts and experiences. Most people will tell you their thoughts occur as a response to their experiences. Indeed there’s no doubt our current reality does inspire thoughts. But the fact is that our reality actually originates from our thoughts. “As we think, so shall it be.” We are creating our world with what we think.

So forget asking the fortune tellers what lies ahead for you … no one knows your future better than you. Check in on your thoughts, and consider it a preview of coming attractions. The best news is that if you don’t like what you see, all you need to do is change your thoughts.

The world truly does lie in your own hands. Or better said, the world lies in your thought-making brain. Use your power wisely, friends.


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