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Your Manifestation Reflects Where You Are

In this video clip Abraham explains that manifestation feedback is your best friend because they are reflecting where you are. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“You don’t believe in your Vortex the way we do because we’re standing in it as the vibrational essence of it, and we have full knowledge of all that you’ve become. So as we stand in full knowledge of all that you have become, we don’t fret for a moment about where you stand in the absence of anything you want because we know it’s only a vibration away. You say, Oh, it’s not just a vibration away. It’s a manifestation away. It could be years. And we say, only if you’re diligent about poking around where you are. In other words, there could be an instant manifestation. You could be up to speed with who you really are now, because who you really are is a done deal. Vibrationally speaking, it’s done.” – Abraham

Video Credit: EaseAndFlow88