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Your Source Always Looks With You

In this video clip Abraham teaches that Source Energy is always with us at every moment. Extracted from a workshop in Melbourne on March 24, 2013. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“You are more than you see in these bodies. You are Source Energy extended out here. But even when you are here looking into your physical format, more than the you that you think is looking, is looking. There is a Source Energy part of you always looking with you, through you, with you. So in every moment in time that you are having a conversation, this larger, Source Energy part of you, is there in the conversation. And you can tell by the way you feel how intertwined you are vibrationally, how resonant you are with the whole of you. Or you can feel through your emotions, how much of who you really are you’re pinching off because of your current opinion…” – Abraham

Video Credit: Kimberly Cook