Alignment,  Vibration

10 Ways to Kink Your Vibe

By Jeannette Maw

An aligned vibration is essential to getting what you want in life. Many aren’t aware of their vibration or the role it plays in creating life experiences. An out-of-alignment vibration keeps people in a rut and prevents dreams, miracles, and other good things from happening. Here are ten ways you may be sabotaging your vibration without realizing it:

1. Worrisome thoughts – Anxious, concerned, and fearful thoughts disconnect you from source energy, bringing you closer to the things you don’t want in life. Habitual negative thinking is the primary culprit for a polluted vibration.

2. Doing what you “have to” – Doing things you don’t want to do, either out of obligation or because you believe you “have to,” creates resistance and other disturbances in your energy.

3. Eating “right” and eating emotionally – Basing food choices on what you’ve been told is healthy may or may not be. If you don’t enjoy eating it, it’s not good for you or your vibration. Similarly, impulsive or subconscious eating (to quell difficult emotions) is also bad for your vibration.

4. Playing the martyr – Withholding good things from yourself and refraining from enjoyment of life is another way to cut off your connection to source energy and kink the vibe.

5. Tolerating others – The act of tolerating anything is a drain on your energy, especially when it’s people you’d rather not be around.

6. Isolating yourself from nature – Your connection to source wilts when you sequester yourself from nature. Uninterrupted exposure to concrete, artificial lighting, stale air, etc. doesn’t allow for energetic rejuvenation.

7. Being hard on yourself – Feeling guilty, embarrassed, disappointed or angry with yourself is a sure-fire way to contaminate your vibration. Negative emotions directed inward are toxic to healthy personal energy.

8. Being a news/TV junkie – Exposing yourself to the standard negative news and social gossip takes a strong toll on the vibration. Many popular TV shows also assail energy with regular violence and sarcasm.

9. Harboring resentment – Continual feelings of resentment toward a situation, person or group kinks up the vibe over time. That includes parents, bosses, religious groups, foreign countries, etc.

10. Disorganized physical space – A chaotic environment subtly but relentlessly chisels away at a healthy vibration. Spending time in an atmosphere that doesn’t feel good will deplete your energy over time, affecting your vibration as well.


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