Abraham-Hicks Videos,  Non-Physical

Accessing Non-Physical Intelligence

In this video clip Abraham responds to a man who says he has doubts when his answers come in. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“As long as you are feeling good in the receiving of it, and by good we mean elated or joyful, or interested, or enthusiastic, or passion, as long as the vibration that you are feeling as you are receiving feels good to you, then know that you are up to speed and that the source of what you are receiving is something beneficial. If you are receiving warnings, if you’re ornery, if it comes from this place of fear, then you are not picking up from Source Energy because Source Energy is not delivering that kind of information. You’re picking up on the accumulation of the spin-off of man’s conscious thought.” – Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: abenicks