As Happy As I Want to Be

By Philip L Bourdon

My main social outlet is dancing. Recently at a Swing Dance a lady asked me why I was so happy. My answer was, “Because I want to be.” That is what the Law of Attraction and being intentional has given me.

Why should any of us sit around passively for something good to happen to us before we feel happy? In reality, if we do this, we are living in a spirit of lack and the universe will continue to respond in giving us exactly that! After all, “like attracts like.”

Thinking “I will be happy when I get a better job,” or “I will be happy if I find someone to be in a relationship with,” is creating a mindset that you are not happy and you don’t know how to make yourself happy!

How do you “become” happy? Here are some suggestions:

  • Decide that you want to be happy
  • Realize you have the power to make yourself happy
  • Be grateful and appreciative for as much as you can imagine
  • When people ask you, “How’s it going?” Respond with, “Great!”
  • Smile Often!

Yes, you may not have decided that happiness is for you. Perhaps you get a lot of attention/sympathy/company from those who also are not happy. Perhaps that is your “comfort zone.” Being happy will mean you have to live in a new way. Being happy will mean a new focus and effort.

The power is there. Your mind is a creative force. Yet, it will take some time to rewrite the messages that you’ve given your subconscious. But you can do it – the power is there if you have the desire and intention. The only difficulty is deciding if you really want to make the effort!

Stop entering into the daily “moan and groan” sessions about the economy, the opposite sex or your home team! Walk away from that garbage. Start to expand your vision of the world. Practice being grateful and appreciative. It will change the way you think and the way you feel.

That’s right, no more shrugging the shoulders and grunting when asked, “How’s it going?” No more automatic, cold, machine-like, “OK” either! Being happy means taking action and getting out of the comfort zone.

When you’re asked how it’s going, say, “It’s going great!” “I’m doing well!” Believe me, some will actually take note of those responses. But, you’ll have to live up to those comments! Are you ready?

That’s right, try something incredibly simple and not a “Secret.” Try smiling more often. “When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you….” that old song expressed the Law of Attraction truth, like attracts like.” Get the dour look and frown off your mug. Start having some courage and heart. Be human, be pleasant, have faith. SMILE! The blinders you’ve had on will fall off and you will see so many more things to be happy about!

Being intentional is about taking action. You can’t possibly become happy unless you take steps that generate happiness (even if that action is “only” intention). Practice being happy. Tell yourself you’re happy. Do the things happy people do!

I can be a bit quirky, so here’s a thought. There was a pro wrestling tag-team back in the 80’s and 90’s called The Nasty Boys. When asked by the announcer “How nasty are you?” Their response was always a lusty, “As nasty as we want to be!” So, start asking yourself by your name (in this example, I used my name):

“Philip, how happy are you?” Then answer with enthusiasm and conviction, “AS HAPPY AS I WANT TO BE!” The cost is very small…..the benefits are abundant and eternal!


Philip L Bourdon is passionately committed to practicing and living the Law of Attraction. He has outrageous delight in researching, experiencing and writing about what he loves. He is retired from ministry and has a website dealing with the Law of Attraction that is much more personal and practical than most information-only sites. His website focuses on the practical side of applying the Law of Attraction with a strong emphasis on personal responsibility where we desire to become a people of attraction before seeking all sorts of material things; those will follow if we are faithful in becoming a powerful “attractor. ” The site is: [http://www.responsible-law-of-attraction-living.com]