Easy Life

Enjoying an Easier Life With the Law of Attraction

By Imelda Leahy

The Law of Attraction says “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. What that means is whatever we are thinking about, or putting our attention on is expanding to attract more of the same. It is a Universal Law, meaning it effects everyone, everywhere, all of the time, in every situation. As soon as we offer focused thought, or attention to a subject, Law of Attraction brings us more matching thoughts and ideas. So I am going to explore how we can expand on the idea that the things we want can come to us in the easiest possible way.

Let us be really honest here for a moment. When it comes to the things that you desire, how often do you spend time thinking things like: that will cost me a pile of money, that always takes a very long time, it will be really hard work, it might be out of stock, I will probably have to do it all by myself, I have been living so long without this success, it will be difficult to achieve because there’s so much competition, many people have done that before and failed and so on and so on (just to name a few excuses)?! You see, before The Universe even has a chance of giving you what it is you want, you have put up a series of vibrational barricades and then you attempt to climb over them to get to your desires! Yes, of course, it can still be done. All of us have stories, from our own history and other people’s lives, of things that have been achieved through long hours, sweat, struggle and determination through gritted teeth and yes it is possible, but it is rather like rowing your boat upstream, or taking the longer and harder route.

I am guessing that you probably already know how it is supposed to work; you visualize having it, being there, doing the thing and then just watch it flow into your experience; but surely some sort of action is required?

The thing is, when you are relying mainly on taking physical action to create your stuff, you are going about things “the hard way”. On the other hand, when you are simply enjoying the thought of what you want, you are well on your way to being there. It is then that life takes on an easy and natural kind of flow and the action required from you also feels easy and obvious and right. There is certainly action that needs to be taken, but the ideas for action will come to you easily. In the same way, the contacts, inspiration, resources, funding, assistance and so on, will come and find you; timings and connections will seem to just click into place, the right people for the job will drop into your life….and so on.

So, let’s come back to expanding this idea that life can be easy. We have all experienced good luck at times and so we all have memories that we can draw on. What kinds of things could you be saying to yourself? Here are a few ideas:

“….Lots of people experience things happening easily. All over the world right now things are happening easily for some people. Things can sometimes happen easily for me too; there have been times in my life when I was very lucky with timing; many times I have just caught that bus, or train; there have been lots of times when someone was there at just the right time; it has happened to me before that I have had good luck, or good news, just out of the blue; many times I have been thinking of someone, then I have bumped into them, or they have phoned, or I have had news of them; many times someone has popped up in my life offering the exact things that I was asking for, lots of things have just fallen right into my lap; there is often something right here in front of me that is perfect for the job; I enjoy it when I find an easy way of achieving something; I just love how it feels when things just click into place…..”

Feel the expansion of The Law of Attraction bringing a flow of ideas, as you remember times when life seemed a whole lot easier. If that is really how would you prefer things to be, then how about setting a new intention to set the ball rolling?

THE THINGS THAT I WANT ARE COMING TO ME EASILY. There, now that sounds like an intention worth intending. Hard work, or the easy way? I know which I prefer.


Imelda Leahy, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Trainer, runs a personal development business called The Law of Attraction School, based in Brighton, UK. She offers flexible telephone coaching, as well as group coaching/training, based on The Law of Attraction, so that you can be coached from anywhere in the world. Practical tools, techniques and processes can be easily learnt to help you to get this powerful creative energy on your side. Anyone can learn and change; it is very simple. You get what you focus on – wanted, or unwanted. You are invited to visit the website for further information about The Law of Attraction, to sign up for Imelda’s free Ezine “Attractive World!”, to see testimonials about her short-term and solution-focused Coaching Packages, or to make contact if you have any questions about The Law of Attraction and the service that she offers.