The Cake List

The Cake List

By Jeannette Maw

Would you like a way to release limiting thoughts about what’s possible while also letting go of the hows? All while putting Universe to work on behalf of your biggest dreams?

Of course you would.

That’s what a Cake List offers.

It’s a way to tell Universe you’re ready to have your cake and eat it, too. It gets you lined up and out of the way for easier delivery.

It’s highly useful for those times when we want seemingly conflicting things, like …

  • making money without going to work
  • committing to a relationship but also remaining free
  • having good health without doing unpleasant things
  • enjoying comforts of home while also experiencing the adventure of travel

Whenever you find yourself vacillating between two less than ideal alternatives, where neither option is quite right, that’s a good time to make a Cake List.

Here’s how you do it …

Start by writing down the upsides of each option you’re considering.

(We’re not paying attention to the downsides here. Just the upsides.)

Once you’ve got the advantages for each alternative written down, combine those into one list, then hand that list over to Universe as your instruction for delivery.

That’s it.

Whereas muggles might make a pros and cons list that they weigh out, trying to evaluate which option is better, conscious creators know we can have whatever we’re willing to allow. Which means we can choose all upside, no downside, if we are willing to say so.

That’s easier to do when we remember we don’t have to figure out how to get the best of both worlds. All we have to do is give the instruction for what we want, let it go, and go about the business of enjoying life.

When we can do that, we’re a match for having our cake and eating it too, and we’ve got Universe putting it together for us.

For example, say I get a job offer that has some good things about it, but some things I don’t love. On the other hand, my current job has some pros and some cons, too. So I get stuck because there’s no obvious best choice.

That’s a good time to make a magical Cake List.

So I jot down the pros of both options, and then give Universe the combined list to work with:

cake list

You can see I embellished the final list slightly. Since I’m calling in Universe, this is a great time for “even better” – so I edited it in a few minor ways.

And then my only work is to do what feels good. Have fun, relax, and trust that things are working out perfectly for me (to the best of my ability).

If I find myself entertaining gremlin thoughts like, “Who do you think you are to have it so good?” I just remember that I know how the system works. And if I can be a vibrational match to good news, then Universe can deliver it. I remind myself that I know how to believe in good news. I know how to expect things will work out. I’ve done it before, and I can do it here, too.

And sure enough – maybe my new prospective employer comes up with a work from home option. woot! Or maybe Universe lands me an even better job offer from someone locally. Or maybe my current employer all of a sudden is hot to promote me. ha!

Who knows how it’s gonna work out? That’s not our job to figure out. That’s Universe’s. And it’s really good at that job, you guys!

It happens all the time, when we choose to let it.

Making a Cake List is a great way to let yourself have the best of both worlds. Enjoy having your cake and eating it, too!


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