Law of Attraction in Your Business: 5 Tips for Success

By Andrea Conway

My first Law of Attraction business was launched in 2002. It’s still going strong. I had a heartfelt desire to offer small business owners consulting and coaching in marketing according to the principles of universal law.

When you bring the Law of Attraction into business, you can make a lot of progress in far less time and with significantly less effort.

Here’s how:

Tip #1 – Tap into the power of the universe every day

For at least 15 minutes a day – preferably in the morning – listen to, watch or read something that reminds you of this truth, as stated by Abraham through Esther Hicks: “You are source energy in physical form, and when you ask it is given.”

We live in a chaotic world. That isn’t likely to change. But taking just 15 minutes each day to remember the spiritual truth behind the appearance of chaos enables you to stay more focused – and even at peace – throughout the day.

Tip #2 – Like attracts like, so: before you take action in your business, tune into your energy

Have you ever tried to push through a massive to-do list and found yourself feeling frustrated and making error after error? I have! That’s what happens when you don’t tune into your energy first. You’re in a hurry, you’re stressed out – and the Law of Attraction matches you with more circumstances to feel rushed and stressed about.

Before you take action – whether it’s picking up the phone, replying to an email, or writing up a client report – stop for just half a minute. Take a couple of slow breaths, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself if now is the best time.

With practice you will receive a positive or negative feeling. If it’s negative, put the task aside if that’s at all possible. When you get in the habit of following positive feelings more of the time, your actions become highly effective.

Tip #3 – Remember you are not alone – ask for help!

Building a business takes focus and the ability to move through many challenges. It’s easy to fall into the trap of worry and self doubt. In coaching entrepreneurs, I remind them that worry and self doubt are natural in any business. In fact, whatever you’re concerned about is the key to your next breakthrough.

Worried about money? Then your breakthrough could be about learning to receive from the universe.

Instead of allowing stress to throw you into fear and struggle, remember that you are Source energy in physical form, and you are never cut off from the power of spirit. Ask the universe to help you, and it will.

Tip #4 – Write a “To Feel” list

I originally heard about the To Feel list through Abraham and Esther Hicks, though I haven’t heard them talk about it lately. Take a blank sheet of paper and write at the top: “Today I want to feel.” Then allow your hand to begin writing whatever comes to mind. “I want to feel happy and abundant. I want to feel successful. I want to feel attractive to more customers and higher income. I want to feel lucky getting parking spaces. I want to feel in love with my spouse.”

You’ll find that you naturally feel complete after 1-3 minutes of writing. You’ll also notice that through the simple act of declaring how you want to feel, you already feel lighter and more powerful.

Tip #5 – Your customers are already connected to you

Avoid the trap of thinking you have to “get” clients, “find” clients, “win” clients. According to the Law of Attraction, clients are drawn to us through vibrational resonance.

Abraham Hicks says our clients are already lined up vibrationally – even before we open our business. Our job is to stay relaxed and expect them to show up.

Don’t think you can skip marketing and sales altogether. You can’t if you want to build a successful business. But you can release any sense of force or manipulation. Let your marketing and sales generously offer the best of what you have, and allow the Law of Attraction to do the rest.


Andrea Conway is the Law of Attraction coach for entrepreneurs ready to make all the money they want from the businesses they love. Receive your free copy of her special report, “Secrets of Attracting Prosperity in Hard Times” at