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Law of Attraction – Top 5 Ways to Be a Better Parent

By Tammi Putnam

Law of Attraction wasn’t even part of my life when I first started teaching or when I first became a parent. I had spent almost 20 years teaching before I started my own business in 2002. So, you could say I spent a lot of years telling kids what not to do.

  • Don’t Touch That!
  • We’re not eating snack right now.
  • No kicking!

Guess you could tell I was a preschool teacher during those last 6 years of teaching!

Now, I live my life with personal development in mind. The Law of Attraction or LOA says that whatever you focus your energy and attention on, you will attract more of the same, whether it’s wanted or unwanted.

I understand the power of using the LOA not only in my own life, but also with my kids. I guess my kids don’t really realize that their mom is different from other moms until they go home with friends. Funny, they thought all moms kept a gratitude journal! These are my Top 5 Ways to use Law of Attraction to be a better parent.


When we live life with an attitude of gratitude, we appreciate the beauty of the natural world around us, the wonderment of the gift of life and celebrate with joy the things we attracting in our lives everyday. With our kids, teaching this valuable life lesson on being grateful for what you have right now instead of always looking for more. Upset because their friend has designer clothes or travels more. True appreciation of the life that they are able to lead each day is a powerful opportunity as parents.

Parent’s Opportunity: Start a family gratitude list or journal that is shared. In my family, we like to do ours around the supper table. Sometimes it will be the standard question of “What are you grateful for today?” Or a more personal version to each family member, “What do you like about Mom? (Or Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle…you fill in the blank.) My kids love this game. When I started it I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could get an answer or two. They went on and on with each family member! Then the next night, they wanted to play the “What I Like About You” game.


Teaching our kids to focus on what they want and not giving all their energy to what they don’t want. Law of Attraction says that whatever we place our energy and attention on, we will attract more of the same, whether it’s wanted or unwanted. When we teach our kids that putting their energy into what they want, they are in the process of creating it. Their vibration changes from one of repelling to attraction, from negative to positive with their energy.

Parent’s Opportunity: When our kids are complaining about a mean coach or how a teacher doesn’t like them, get them to refocus their energy by asking this question, “So, what do you want?” Even for ourselves, when we head down the negative trail, stop and ask yourself, “So, what do you want?” and then answer your question. This in essence changes your thought direction and in turn, changes your vibrational energy from negative to positive.


Oh, the power of these three words! As parents, we often will say things to our kids such as “Don’t slam the door!” “We’re not going to the mall.” “No running.” What do we get? Slamming doors, kids waiting to go to the mall and running. How is that? Didn’t we just say not to do these things? Well, yes, but the brain tends to cancel out these words. Do a little test here. “Don’t think about your favorite chocolate chip cookies.” Thought about them, didn’t you? Yeah, me too. Or “No laughing.” Now, we find things even funnier! So, you could say, it’s not quite their fault because all our kids are hearing are “Slam doors,” “Going to the mall,” and “Running.”

Parent’s Opportunity: Tell your kids what you want. Instead of saying, “Don’t slam the door,” say “Shut the door quietly,” Instead of “We’re not going to the mall,” say, “Today we’re going to hang out here at home.” Instead of “No running, ” say, “Please walk.” Always affirming what you do want. That’s where you put your focus.


Let’s teach our kids to feel good! Teaching them how to tap into ways to feel good without technology. Getting in touch with their natural world, tapping into beautiful music, spending time with loved ones, giving back to their community through volunteering and enjoying good food. There are so many things that can make someone feel good, here’s the best part…for each person it’s different! Exposing kids to different things gives them opportunities to experience the uniqueness of people, places and things. Recently my husband and I took our kids to LBJ’s home in Stonewall, TX which is just down the road from us. Our 14 yr. old daughter, McKenna was excited to stand in the home of a former President. Our 5 yr. old daughter, Grace was excited by the chicken she chased in the grass near his home.

Parent’s Opportunity: This week, how about a old fashioned game night. No ipods, cell phones, checking email allowed! Whether it’s Operation, Uno or Trivial Pursuit, playing games together are fun! We like to have a “Sorry” night. We all play and our 5 yr. old has won more than the rest of us. We always compete to be the Sorry Champion of the night!

This month: Do a daytrip. This is my favorite way to travel. Yes, it’s great to see the world…but there is something special about going somewhere right in your own backyard.


With Law of Attraction, yes, we want our kids to focus on what they want, but sometimes they can gain a ton of clarity through contrast. To briefly identify what they don’t want, they can then gain the crystal clarity of what they do want.

For example if our kids are wanting a family dog. Then the process would look like this:

Contrast (Don’t Want) – Clarity (Do Want)
Barking dog Quiet dog
Outside dog Inside dog
Dog that sheds a lot Dog with short hair
Older dog Younger dog
Unruly dog Mannerly dog
Big dog Small dog

You see how you begin to identify what you do want by talking about what you don’t want…briefly! Remember this is to gain the clear picture creating what they do want, not to focus negative energy upon with having lots of conversations with family and friends about what you don’t want!

Parent’s Opportunity: Assist your child in gaining clarity by using contrast. Make a list of contrast and then affirm with clarity. (Such as the list above.)

These are my Top 5 Ways to use Law of Attraction with your kids, may they assist you as they have me! I’ll look forward to hearing your results!


Tammi Putnam is a successful mentor that shows other Moms and Dads how to start their own business in the personal development field with a simple 3 step system. She has been home for almost 7 years assisting others in creating their ideal life.

Tammi specializes in assisting others in understanding and utilizing the Law of Attraction with her Free 7 Day ECourse Attracting Greatness so that they can create their ideal life.