You are the creator of your life and you can be, do and have anything you desire! Below you will find resources to help  navigate your way to a joyful life.


The Awakened Life
Wayne Dyer talks about how to break away from your paralyzing routine and follow your bliss.

The Basis of Life is Freedom
Excerpt from an Abraham-Hicks workshop.

Do You Appreciate Your Life?
Excerpt from the Abraham-Hick workshop in Asheville, GA on October 13, 2010.

How Do We Enjoy the Buffet of Life?
Excerpt from the Abraham-Hick workshop in Sedona, AZ on March 3, 2014

Control of Your Life is a Simple Proposition
Excerpt from the Abraham-Hick workshop in Portland, OR on August 3, 2013.

An Easy Way of Looking at Life
Excerpt from the Abraham-Hick workshop in North Los Angeles, CA on 2-22-2014.

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Manifestation Exercise – Become the Writer and Director of Your Own Life
By Janeen Clark – “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”. For some reason I have always liked that saying. It just seems to roll easily off the tongue. Read more>>

How Life Works – The Rules of the Game
Now that’s a bold title, isn’t it? So, what ARE the rules of this Game called Life? Clearly we can expect a better outcome when we understand and apply the appropriate rules… Read more >>

Getting Beyond the Negatives of Life
By Beth and Lee McCain – Oh those little things in life. You know the ones… Washing the car, cleaning up the pet poop, eating a bowl of ice cream, getting through all those daily moments that we all go through. Read more>>

Creating a Better Life
By Beth and Lee McCain – In order to create a better life for yourself it is going to take change, and that change starts within your own mind. And as you learn to shift your thoughts from the negative to the positive… Read more>>

Finding the Peace in Life
By Beth and Lee McCain – It can seem so easy to just let life flow as it does, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. You become comfortable with the uncomfortable life… Read more >>

Enjoying an Easier Life With the Law of Attraction
By Imelda Leahy – The Law of Attraction says “that which is like unto itself is drawn”. What that means is whatever we are thinking about, or putting our attention on is expanding to attract more of the same. Read more >>

Stop Chasing Your Life and Let It Come to You
By Beth and Lee McCain – Are you working so hard, visualizing, meditating, pushing, pulling, doing everything you can to make your dreams of the life that you want manifest into your life? Read more >>

Steer Your Life in the Direction You Want
Could it be that easy? Just decide that the life that you want is going to be yours and then just steer it in that direction? Yes, it can be that easy… Read more >>