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Tune Into Who You Are

In this video, Abraham teaches the power of tuning into who you are. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“When you tune into who you are, who you are will breathe you. Who you are will think you. Who you are will know you. Who you are will see your world. Can you imagine seeing the world through the eyes of Source? Breathing the air through the nose of Source? Breathing, seeing, feeling, tasting, touching. Can you imagine how orgasmic life can be when you’re allowing the fullness of your ability to perceive, to be having this moment in time? And when you tune into that, it doesn’t matter where you are in relationship to the things you thought you wanted, in that state of being where you are is bright and beautiful. And where you are, you have access only to the things that are most wanted.” – Abraham

Video Credit: autoayudaespiritual