Manifest Money Games

By Christa Smith

Here are four fun games to help you align your thoughts with wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Hundred Dollars This game is suggested by Abraham in Money and the Law of Attraction: Put $100 in your pocket and keep it with you at all times. As you move through your day, think of how many things you could buy with the money: “I could do that. I could purchase that.” If you mentally spend that $100 one thousand times in a day, you have vibrationally spent $100,000.

“That sort of positive focus will dramatically change your vibrational balance about money. This vibrational spending process will cause you to feel differently about money; and when that happens, your point of attraction will shift – and more money must flow into your experience. It is Law.” – Abraham-Hicks

Checkbook Another game suggested by Abraham in Money and the Law of Attraction: On day one deposit $1000 (vibrational dollars) into your account and then spend that $1000. On the second day, deposit $2000 and spend it. On the third day, deposit $3000 and spend it…on the 365th day, deposit $365,000 and spend it.

“So, as you are spending this money (vibrationally) – as you are mentally spending it – what’s happening is, you are creating outlets out there for it to go…When you create a vibrational outlet, it draws everything for the accomplishment of it through you.” – Abraham-Hicks

Bills Become Checks Instead of dreading opening your bills, you can get excited by pretending the bill is a check. If the amount due is $40, add a 0 and visualize it as a check written out to you for $400! I like to keep track of my “incoming money” in a notebook and feel thrilled to see that money comes to me regularly in abundance.

This will change your vibration regarding your bills making it a more pleasant experience.

Unlimited Universal Bank This game is designed to increase your vibration for having more money by using your mind! You will receive notification in your email inbox of your virtual (“pretend”) deposits every three days. Sign up to start receiving your imaginary deposits and tap into the stream of abundance and prosperity!


Christa Smith is a holistic life coach specializing in the law of attraction and is the creator and manager of the Law of Attraction Resource Guide. You can visit her website at