future you journal

Manifestation Exercise #19 – Write a “Future You” Journal

By Janeen Clark

Do you want to have a little fun? If so, then start a “Future You Journal” today. Write a journal describing what your Future You is experiencing and feeling. What your Future You looks like and what a day in the life of the Future You does.

So often we are unhappy because we do not have what we want in our lives. But also quite as often we are not even sure exactly what it is we are wanting. This exercise will help give you some clarity to that as well.

So to begin — answer the following questions. Really picture these images in your mind as you come up with them.

What do you look like in your future? What do you weigh? What is your hair color? How do you dress? Are you happily married, happily divorced, or happily seeing one or more people who are happy to share you? Are you so sought after that you are having to turn dates down simply due to lack of time? Are you happily single because right now you are so focused on your career?

What is your career?

Are you a famous author, a multi-million dollar inventor or entrepreneur?. Do you have the position you have always wanted in your company? Maybe you always wanted to own your own restaurant, your own hotel, your own health spa or spiritual retreat.

Or maybe are you happily retired with millions of dollars spending your days on the golf course? Do you own the “mansion” by the lake or the ocean. You know the one with the huge glass windows with the gorgeous view that everyone in passing boats points to as they go by and wishing that they lived there?

Maybe it’s a rustic cabin in the woods, where you go fishing and hiking every day. Or perhaps that is just your summer place.

Where do you live most of the year? Mansion, a little Victorian, an apartment in the city? Do you have servants or do you happily take care of it yourself at your leisure?

Now that you have the basics down start to write your journal as if you already ARE that person!

So let’s start with breakfast. Depending on what life style you have created where do you have it?

By yourself while enjoying the view? Brought to you by servants (no cooking or cleaning necessary) or are you too busy for breakfast because you have to get to “whatever your dream job is” early?

What do you decide to wear today as you are about to leave? The Armani suit, the awesome leather skirt, or simply the very comfortable jeans or khaki’s that you love wearing to work every day because you are the boss?

What are your driving? The BMW, the Mustang, the new SUV or your favorite knock around truck or car that you wouldn’t want to give up in a million years due to sentimental reasons?

Where do you lunch? Who do you lunch with? What do you eat?

Where do you spend your weekend, holidays or vacations?

You get the idea. Write in this journal daily as the “new” you. What are you excited about? What are you looking forward to? What are you appreciating the heck out of? Write how you sat down and paid every one of your bills in full! You own no one anything and it feels awesome!

Write of the irony of how so many credit card offers now arrive in your mail at the one time you don’t need them. Heck you can pay for everything in cash! Who needs to pay someone else interest?You see, there are three different benefits to this exercise.

The first is to get clarity on exactly what it is you are wanting. Not just materially, but describe how you want to feel spiritually and physically as well. Awakened, alive, appreciative, full of life!

Know exactly how you want to look, feel, work and live. You would be surprised at how many of us do not get into that kind of detail when we are wanting changes in our life. How can Universe know what to deliver if you are not even sure what you are asking for?

The second benefit to this exercise is that you now have a full list of “stuff” you can start working on attaining. What do you weigh as your future you? You can start working on that part easily right now with some diet and exercise! Want that Armani suit? Start putting $20 away a week for it right now until you have saved enough to own it. Decided what you wanted your new career to be? Start taking the first step or second step towards that goal.

The third benefit to this exercise is the time you are spending focused on the positive! Instead of wasting that time worried or complaining about what you do not have (which will only bring more of that) you are spending you time focused on what you do want (which you will then get more of as well).

So go have some fun! Write your “Future You” journal and describe exactly what awesome life you are headed to!

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. If you would like to read more Manifestation Exercises that you could put into practice right now, please visit her daily blog at The Very Happy Human