Manifestation Exercise #24 – Going After Your Goal With All of Your Heart

By Janeen Clark

So what is it you are wanting in your life? If the Law of Attraction were really to work as easily as a genie popping out of a bottle, what would be on your list of desires?

The first thing you need to do is write these goals down on a list. To be more successful in your career? To make more money? To become healthier? To lose weight? To attract that perfect relationship?

After your list has been made – put them in the order of importance. Start by putting a one next to the most important one and then work your way down.

Now that you have it clear in your head what your first most important goal is, remember it and forget everything else. Put the rest of the list away for another day to go back to.

Now pull out another piece of paper. Write down that thing that you are wanting at the top of the page.

For example:

I want my internet business to be more successful.

Look at this sentence for a moment. Now decide that you are going to put your entire heart and soul into accomplishing this one task. Decide that absolutely nothing is going to stop you from achieving it! Decide to give it your full attention every single day – every spare minute of every single day until it is accomplished.

Imagine your focus is like a laser beam. Everything else on that list gently fades into the background as you think about this one thing. Do not worry if you have failed in the past – THIS time it is going to be different! This time you will let no thought and no thing stand in your way of accomplishing it!

You are entitled to this one thing, deserving of this one thing, and absolutely powerful enough to create this one thing!

On the next line write what your ultimate goal for this desire is going to be. For instance:

– This business is going to be earning me at least $100,000 a year. – I am going to have at least 15,000 visitors per day. – I am going to have at least 4 different websites that are popular and flourishing.

(If it is weight loss – put down your goal weight or clothes size, if it is health put down how you are going to feel when you reach it – what physical goals you will be able to accomplish, etc.)

Now break it down even more.

In the first six months I am going to:

– Be earning at least $2,000 a month – Having all 4 sites up and running – Having at least 500 visitors per month

Then break it down even more

In the next month I am going to:

– Be earning at least $100 a month – Having at least 2 of the sites up and running – having at least 100 visitors a month.

In the next week I am going to:

– Learn how to build a website – Do Research on others peoples successful websites – Get more ideas about what I want on my website

Now write a daily to do list

– Sign up with a web host – Go through a basic html tutorial online

You get the idea.

O.K. now you have your plan of action. Make sure you dedicate every spare minute you have to thinking about this goal. Come up with fresh and unique ideas of how you might accomplish it. Check off your to-do list everyday as you accomplish each minor task.

If you come across any kind of road block, figure out a way around it. Think outside the box.

If you have those days where you can seem to find the motivation – spend your time finding things to motivate you! Go online and find stories of people who have succeeded in what you are trying to accomplish. Print out their stories and their pictures. Put it into a motivation file – so anytime you might feel your spirit lagging, you have a reminder of why you want to accomplish this goal. If you have a Vision Board take everything else off of it and put up only things that pertain to this particular goal.

You see, this single-minded focus is the only difference between people who succeed and people who do not. If you take a look at any of the people who have become successful in their fields you will realize that they weren’t smarter than you are, richer than you are, or more entitled than you are. The only difference is that if they somehow stumbled along the way, “they picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and started all over again”. They never gave up. They kept that laser beam of attention on the ultimate goal.

It is time to understand that there is no one and no thing out there that can stop you from creating what you desire. The only things that can stop you are your past mistaken beliefs that you can’t accomplish it or your distraction of trying to achieve a thousand different things at once.

Do not worry about the rest of the goals that were on your original list. Once you have gotten this first one accomplished you can then redirect your laser beam attention to another goal. (Otherwise you will find that, as has happened in the past, you are dividing your attention amongst a million things and none of them are getting done to completion or your satisfaction.)

Now you might ask, what on Earth does this have to do with the Law of Attraction?

The answer? Everything!

You see for the Law of Attraction to work it requires:

Knowing exactly what you want to create (which you now know from your list)
Your motivation behind it (which you now know from your list)
Your undivided attention (which you now have with your laser beam focus)
Taking Specific Action Towards Your Goal (which you will now accomplish as you do your daily to-do list)
Your belief that it can be done (which will grow as you accomplish each new step)
And lastly, your positive thoughts (that come from your motivation file and your enthusiasm as each day you get one step closer to your goal.)

That is all the Law of Attraction needs to kick into gear. Remember it is a law. Whatever you keep your focus on – more is drawn to you.

As you take more positive action towards what you are wanting, Universe responds in kind and sends its attention to the same place.

That is when you will begin to see amazing things happen! You will find that the right people will contact you at exactly the right time, the right program will show up just when you need it, the right website or the exact amount of money you might need for the next step you have to take.

If all of your positive intentions and emotions, your heart and soul, are involved in your endeavor, Universe can’t help but respond with the same matching energy.

So go decide what it is right now that you are wanting to create. Take that one thing and embrace it with all of your heart and determination.

You will be amazed at how quickly the Universe will respond when you are working from this empowered vibration.

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. If you would like to read more Manifestation Exercises that you could put into practice right now, please visit her daily blog at The Very Happy Human