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Manifestation Exercise #26 – How to “Really” Lose Weight Using the Law of Attraction

By Janeen Clark

The first question is: Can you lose weight by using the Law of Attraction? The answer? Absolutely!

The next question is: Can you lose weight just by thinking “thin thoughts”? The answer? Again absolutely! However…

You knew that “however” would be there didn’t you? That’s O.K. There’s no sense in denying it. Because chances are you didn’t believe it when you read it anyway. You may want to believe it but deep down it sounds a little too good to be true.

The good news however, is that it really isn’t so far off the mark.

And that is what this article is about. A “real” way to lose weight using the Law of Attraction.

Now I don’t want you to be discouraged. Yes, there will be a little action required on your part for the whole weight loss thing to happen, but it will not be nearly as painful as you “think”. And the simple reason is because the most important thing we are going to address is the way you “think”.

In other words, you are going to learn how to start “thinking thin”.

The difference however, is that you are not going to do this in any kind of phony way. You are not going to “think” one way, yet act another and therefore feel as if you are just lying to yourself.

What you are going to do is take at least three or four little physical actions every day combined with “correct thought” that is really going to get that weight loss momentum going.

O.K now I am going to need you to bear with me for a few moments. I am going to list the physical actions you need to take first – then the mental changes – and then we will get to the fun stuff. How to combine them to make them truly effective.

So please do not groan. As you look at each of these physical steps you will realize just how simple they really are. None of them are the least bit expensive, time consuming or difficult. You can easily slip them into you day without even thinking about it.

Physical Steps:

1. Drink More Water. That ‘s easy enough right? First of all, water is filling. Especially if you drink it right before a meal. It makes you feel fuller and you eat less. Second of all your body needs water. If you normally don’t drink enough your body will retain it for future use. Drink more and your body will let it flow through you easily. Plus it constantly cleans out your system. Even your skin will look better when you add more fresh water to your diet.

2. Drink Green Tea – Not only is it naturally filled with Antioxidants, it is also a natural weight loss inducer. You can use caffeinated or decaffeinated. You can drink it hot or cold. And if you are not crazy about its natural flavor, it now comes in a ton of different flavors you can try (beware of sugar factors however). Be sure to drink at least 3 or 4 cups or bottles a day. Again harmless and easy – but very effective and keeps your body running like a well oiled machine.

3. Take vitamin supplements – The more vitamins – the more efficiently your body thrives – the better you feel – the more energy you have – the more calories you burn! Again very simple. Put these vitamins next to your toothbrush to remind you to take them everyday. – Another quickie – takes 10 seconds.

4. Eat Slower. Another solution that takes almost no effort on your part and in fact makes your meals much more enjoyable. Every time you take a bite of your food, let yourself completely enjoy the experience. Roll it around on your tongue. Enjoy the flavor of it, the texture. Take time to be thankful for the awesome morsel.

Not only does it make your meals so much more enjoyable, but it will also help you to lose weight. The reason being is that it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full. If you eat fast, you can continue eating past the point where are in fact, full. If you eat slowly, you have time to realize you are full, and stop on time.

Plus if you slow down, eventually you will simply get tired of eating. If it normally takes you 15 minutes to scoff down an entire meal but now it takes you the same amount of time to eat only half of it – simply out of habit you will be ready to put your fork down at that 15 minute time limit.

5. Always leave a little food on your plate. You may have heard this one before, but believe it or not it actually works! Especially for this particular exercise. Not only are you consuming many less calories over a period of time by doing this every meal, but you are also giving yourself some positive reinforcement as you go along. You will feel much better when you feel as if you didn’t just eat your meal “like a pig” but like a real civilized person.

It will also simply reinforce your positive actions towards weight loss each time you push your plate away with a little food left on it. You can say to yourself “See? See how good I am? I didn’t have to eat all of it, but I still enjoyed it! – I did good”

6. Eat Smaller Portions More Often. You might have heard of this before as well, but it also works. Like the water example mentioned above, if you continuously replenish your body with what it needs – it will have no reason to keep anything in reserve and will get rid of it. 5 or 6 small meals a day (as opposed to only 2 or 3 huge ones) will give it this constant replenishment.

7. Deep Breathing. Can you lose weight simply by breathing? Again, believe it or not yes! When you learn to breathe properly. If you go online you can find a ton of good deep breathing exercises to try. How will this effect weight loss? That extra oxygen you are gifting your body with is now moving through your bloodstream, slightly increasing your flow, and getting rid of excess waste and fat. All that in a matter of seconds! Again – quick, easy and painless.

8. Exercise. You knew this had to come into it eventually – but this too can be painless and easy. Walking is awesome! Simply incorporate a little more if it into your day. If you take the bus to work simply get off a stop before and walk the rest of the way. Instead of eating at the office cafeteria, go out someplace you can walk back and forth to. Do you have a store 8 blocks away that you normally drive to – or is your kids’ school about that far away? Walk instead of driving to get them.(They will enjoy it too – because they will get more one on one time with you as well.) Just do a little something everyday that makes you feel good and positive about yourself. It does not have to be a full hour at the gym (unless you have the option to do that as well. Obviously if you do – go for it!)

9. Eat Better. This is probably the only physical thing that might require a few moments of your time. But even then it will only take you about 15 minutes a week. Put Simply – Plan Your Diet.

It is no mystery why programs like Jenny Craig works so well when it comes to dieting. It is simply because it is so much easier to eat well when you have the proper foods right in front of you for easy access.

So make up your own plan. Pick the healthy foods you do enjoy and build a weeks worth of menus around them. Take chicken or fish for instance. Go online and find 4 or 5 healthy recipes you can make with them. Write down all the ingredients. Buy them at the grocery store all in one shot. This way everything you need is on hand when you need it.

If you would like to take it one step further and spend a little more time each week then take a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon and prepare your meals in advance. Put them into individual servings and put them in the fridge or freezer. That simple act will ensure you are eating well all week long!

You will totally eliminate the problem of eating junk food or fast food due to lack of time or because you are always on the run.

Also fill the fridge with the fruits you like, with yogurt, with fresh vegetables you can throw in mini zip locks and can take on the run with you.

Do not make a bigger deal out of this than it is. Simply decide to do it once a week and learn to enjoy the process. Watch television or listen to your favorite music while you are doing it. Learn how to truly enjoy the art of cooking.

O.K. So now we have addressed the simple and easy physical steps. Almost all of them take no time at all and are easy to incorporate into your day.

Now we will address the changes you are going to make mentally:

1. Affirmations: You need to come up with a good one that you are going to use at least 3 times a day. Such as: “I am getting thinner and healthier every minute” or “I feel thinner and healthier already” Or even “Wow! I really am getting thinner every day!” Make sure that whichever one you choose makes you feel really good, because like I said, you are going to be saying it at least 3 times a day to yourself every day.

Once as soon as you wake up – at least once during the day and especially once before you to go bed at night.

2. Walk Around “Feeling” thinner:

How would you feel if you were your perfect weight right now? Would you stand taller? Shoulders back? Would you walk lighter with more bounce or stride more powerfully? Feel your clothes moving easier on your body? How would your face look? Imagine your jaw or cheekbones more defined. As you sit in your chair at work or move around all day continuously feel as if you already are your perfect weight.

When you talk to people, imagine they are looking at this thinner face that is more defined. Suck in your cheeks just a bit when you are working on the computer feeling how your newly defined face feels to you personally. Feel sexy when you are driving. When you are in bed at night imagine lying there with your flat abs and perfectly muscled legs. Move as if you already have those desired body parts. Move them slowly – sensuously – as you shift positions to get comfortable. Truly “feel” absolutely perfect inside and out!


Come up with a great fantasy you can think about right before you go to sleep at night.

So what is your fantasy scenario when you have this perfect body? As a man do you imagine the great looking beauty next door catching your muscles gleaming as you work in your backyard unable to look away from you? As a woman do you imagine your dream guy not being able to take his eyes off of you as you stand in your slinky dress at a cocktail party? How about meeting your “movie star” crush in the most unusual circumstances and they are so totally attracted to you. Do you dream of your spouse unable to stop looking at you or unable to keep their hands off of you? Maybe its just your friends looking at you in amazement asking you how you did it, or how you plan on looking for your 20 year reunion. Go for a fantasy that simply makes you feel really good, excited and accomplished.

Now that you have decided on your affirmation, how you “feel” and look physically and your fantasy – we are going to put it all together with the physical actions and make it work.

Here Goes:

You wake up in the morning and say your first affirmation “I am thinner and healthier already!”. You take your vitamins and think – “this is keeping me thinner and healthier” You drink your first glass of green tea “this is keeping me thinner and healthier” You get dressed and “feel” thin You walk lighter, stronger, shoulders back “I already feel like I am my perfect weight” You feel your clothes shifting comfortably loose around you. Your face feels more defined and you already “feel” more attractive You eat your first small meal of the day “this is keeping me thinner and healthier” You drink another glass of water “this is keeping me feeling thinner and healthier” You remember to do a deep breathing exercise “this is making me feel thinner and healthier You get off the bus stop one stop earlier. As you are walking you are thinking “this is making me thinner and healthier – as a matter of fact I feel great!” As you sit at your desk you slightly suck in your cheeks – you sit taller “I really look and feel great!” You walk to lunch “this is making me feel thinner and healthier” You eat very slowly “Every single bite of this meal is absolutely delicious!” You leave some food on your plate “Wow, I am completely full, I enjoyed every bite and by not finishing I am know I am getting thinner and healthier” You have another cup of green tea “this is making me feel thinner and healthier” You restate your affirmation “I am thinner and healthier already!” a few times during the day Continue on your day. Keep saying, thinking and doing these little things that are making you feel so much better. Then as you “gracefully” slip your beautiful healthy body into your bed at night you think about one of your fantasies. How good you look to that dream person. The look of appreciation in their eyes when they look at you, how good and strong and powerful you feel and you know that tomorrow you will look and feel even better!

The next day start again. This time incorporate a few different things into your day. Skip the tea but replace a meal with a health drink. Use the same kinds of words all the time while doing these things like “this is making me thinner and healthier”

So now what thoughts are you going to have when you have just eaten that really fattening meal or had those few drinks? You are going to think “So what? I also drank my water today that is helping me be thinner, took my vitamins today that is making me thinner, took my walk today that is making me be thinner. I used to eat fattening meals all the time – but back then I didn’t ever do anything to counteract it. Now I do things all day long to make myself healthy – so a good meal certainly isn’t going to hurt me!”

You see there is no reason for negativity, guilt or self loathing here. As long as you are doing constant positive things throughout your day that are helping you feel good, of coarse you are allowed to enjoy the fattening stuff once in awhile.

After all, life isn’t supposed to be torture! All it requires is a healthier balance. Stay good most of the time, think positively all of the time and allow yourself to enjoy the heck out of the good stuff when it becomes available.

Now there is only one no-no when it comes to this exercise.

Do not ever get on a scale!

Here is the deal. As you have probably realized when you first start a diet, the weight comes off fairly quickly. After awhile however it will slow down and your body will reach a plateau where it levels out for awhile.

Getting on a scale at this point is like a death sentence!

There is almost no way to ever remain positive when that needle stops moving. That is when all the sabotaging thoughts come in. When you will start saying to yourself “but I did this and this and this. Why bother if it isn’t working? It’s all a waste of time, etc.”

Do not ever give yourself that opportunity to sabotage yourself. As long as you stay away from that scale you will never be aware if and when that plateau period hits and you will continue to lose weight and feel better about yourself every day. Don’t worry. You will know when it is working. When your clothes are swimming on you, when the compliments start coming from every direction, when someone takes a picture of you and for the first time you don’t want to rip it up. You don’t need no stinkin’ scale!

And so there it is. How to really lose weight using the Law of Attraction. (A much longer post than I originally intended but I think we got just about everything covered.)

Yes, “thinking thin” does absolutely work as long as you combine it with taking little consistent actions that help reinforce it.

Not to mention that if all of your time and thoughts are on what you are wanting to create, there will be no time or room for any of the old doubts to come through.

So go and get your weight loss momentum going! Believe me it is very addicting and has the strangest side effect of making you feel better in other areas of your life as well.

It is amazing how constant positive thoughts can change just about everything!

Happy Creating!


Janeen Clark is a Spiritual Life Coach who has been teaching, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 20 years. If you would like to read more Manifestation Exercises that you could put into practice right now, please visit her daily blog at The Very Happy Human