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Marriage and the Law of Attraction

By Beth and Lee McCain

What do you do when you and your spouse don’t agree? Maybe one of you applies the Law of Attraction and your significant other could not care less. What happens when you feel you’re not on the same wave length? Will this affect obtaining what you want out of life? Are you attracting your spouse’s disagreement with what you want?

Don’t forget that whatever is in your life, you have attracted it to yourself with your thoughts and your feelings. If your spouse is not agreeing with your thoughts, you have attracted this. So how do you change it? By doing exactly what you did to attract the disagreement, except change your focus to what you do want.

Your spouse is using the Law of Attraction even if he/she doesn’t know it. They are attracting into their life (just like you are) whatever they put the most focus on. So, on some level they wanted you to apply the Law of Attraction because that is what they feel through their own perception.

You don’t want to force your spouse to apply the Law of Attraction intentionally. They already are using it, they just don’t know it.

You can help your spouse along by your visualizations. You can visualize your spouse enjoying life with you. You can envision your spouse understanding the Law of Attraction. You can envision that you are agreeing joyously with each other. And then…let it go.

The Universe will attract to you what you are visualizing and this will happen if your spouse is aligned with your desire. He may start to become interested in the LOA or he may ask a question or two. When this happens treat him like you’d want to be treated. Give him the space he may need to figure it out for himself.

And if he doesn’t come into alignment with your desire, perhaps he is focusing on creating a world that is his own. Accept that and allow the differences and love him anyway. Isn’t that what you would want? By allowing, you are creating your world, he is creating his world, and the Universe will blend the two worlds just as it should. You don’t have to have the same desires in order to live a wonderful joyous life. Just make sure that once you have visualized your joyous life together, to let it go. It may include the LOA for him or not, but what it will do is give you a life of joy together in the Law of Attraction.


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