Stuck in Step One?

By Jeannette Maw

Recall the three steps to manifesting: 1) we ask, 2) Universe delivers, 3) we allow it in. That’s the short and simple process of getting what we want.

It’s the third step that most people struggle with. “How can I better create vibrational alignment?” or “What’s the secret to allowing?” are the questions that often arise.  Which is where much of our focus goes.

But it’s possible our best answer lies in better managing step one. Let’s look at it:

Step one is experiencing a new desire because of “something gone awry” in life. Whether it’s:

  • wishing the neighbor would let his lonely dog inside the house, or
  • wanting better leadership for our country, or
  • needing a beach-ready body by summertime,

… we can’t help but have new desires. It’s the nature of being human – we don’t have to “strive” to want something new. It happens automatically through the process of life.

It’s when we get STUCK in that desire/asking phase that we’re at cross-purposes of allowing the manifestation into our lives.

What does it mean to be stuck in step one?

It means focusing on the problem, paying attention to what’s gone “wrong,” and justifying your reasons for needing it to change are signs you are swirling in step one.

And in that place, there is no allowing.

So the trick becomes acknowledging a new desire while not getting caught up in the absence of it. To be able to want it without being frustrated that it’s not here yet.

Easier said than done?

Might seem like it, but our manifesting success requires we master this, so let’s make it easy on ourselves by not telling the “hard to do” story. Try these succinct phrases as a way to hold a desire and feel good at the same time:

“I want it. I got it. It’s coming. I know it.” That’s one possible way to flow the untainted step one energy. It’s pure desire; no yearning or doubt involved. No justifying why you want it, no complaining about not having it. It keeps your vibe “fresh and light and free and friskie.”

That’ll help ensure you don’t get stuck in step one.

But some clients struggle with figuring out how to have a desire and not feel angst about not having it. After all, they argue, how are they supposed to want a soul mate and be happily single at the same time? Or how are they supposed to want financial abundance and feel good about a zero balance account?

Some believe that by getting happy with where they’re at now they actually prevent their desires from manifesting. Like, “If I enjoy this free time I have while unemployed, I won’t be able to manifest a new job. Instead I’ll just manifest more free time, which is NOT what I want.”

That tendency to push against “what is,” and believing that that resistance actually moves you toward your desired outcome is common, and yet faulty, logic.

By pushing against “what is” (which we do when we need something to change before we feel better) then we’re stuck in step one and are not feeling the vibrational alignment that lets what we want unfold.

By finding a way to feel good now, or a reason to appreciate what’s present, we release ourselves from step one energy and move that much closer to dreams come true.

Consider this your official invitation to release the “asking” energy and step into the blissful space of “life is good now.” You’ll find lots of magic happening in your life once you do!


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