law of attraction
Law of Attraction

Neural Plasticity, Pivoting and the Law of Attraction

by Imelda Leahy

Your brain has the most amazing capacity to create new pathways and this ability is called neural plasticity.

You could compare this to the pathways created by walking in the country through fields of grass; you create a pathway by walking over and over the same way, until the path becomes familiar, defined and easy to walk through. If you choose to walk a different route through the field, then by the same process of repetition, you will create a new and strong pathway. The route you always used to take is still there, but it becomes more difficult to access, as it becomes overgrown with weeds and new grass.

So how does The Law of Attraction relate to the theory of neural plasticity? We can Pivot, i.e. choose a new direction of thought, in order to create a change in how we feel and a related shift in vibration. Continued attention to a new way of thinking will result in corresponding physical manifestations.

This is exactly what happens vibrationally when we create a new habit, or belief. When we think new and better feeling thoughts, we repeatedly light up a vibrational pathway that shows us the way forward. With our new focus of going forward, the old way of thinking becomes less relevant; we may revisit it occasionally, i.e. we can still tread that path, but it is less familiar, less comfortable and we find ourselves unwilling to tolerate something that no longer feels right and so we return to our new way of thinking. Eventually the old way is difficult to access and why is this? Because it is no longer a match to who we now state that we are.

Dr David Hamilton is a brilliant writer and teacher, with a scientific background and training. In his book “It’s the thought that Counts: The astounding evidence for the power of mind over matter”, he looks at the overwhelming evidence for the power of the mind. Specifically, he looks at how the state of the mind can influence physical health and how you can improve your body’s functioning with laughter and positive ways of thinking. He writes about the healing effects of meditation and visualisation and how even our DNA is affected by our thinking.

“A common term now used in neuroscience is ‘plasticity’, where the brain moulds, changes, and grows depending upon what you are focusing upon. So, say you were focusing on things that you were grateful for. Brand new connections would spring up between brain cells as you begin to grow an entirely new network connecting brain cells (neurons). This is called a neural network. Many neural networks are created by us, by what we choose to give our attention to.”

Research shows us that the brain responds in exactly the same way to things that are real, to those that are imagined. What this means in medical, or physiological terms, is that by interrupting our old patterns using coaching techniques and visualisation, our new positive focus will replace our existing neurology.

This provides a certain kind of evidence that we really do have choices in our moment-to-moment thinking and that you can literally learn to rewire your brain; in other words, what we focus on, we attract!


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