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New Language Beyond Separating Matter and Energy

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video are excerpted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Video Credit: Vortex Joy

New Language, Beyond Separating of Matter/Energy?

A There you have it. Good. Continue.

Q So, I am yearning and allowing and intending to conceive of new ideas beyond our
current languages, categories and perceptions. That is perceptions of the vibrations of the
Source. That is the life in which, and of which, I live and move and have my being.

A Now, we want to give you something here. What do you mean when you talk about
expressions that have not been before? We are understanding that. But the next part of it, what
do you mean by that?

Q I think that by our language, and what I’m getting at is I’m wanting to move beyond the
separation concepts of matter and Energy—where matter indeed is Energy, and Energy matter.

A Well, everything is about that. We have to say to you that all of you are doing that
unconsciously, whether you realize it or not. Because in this Vibrational Universe, you are all
communicating far more from your vibration than you are from your words. Your words are
truly inconsequential in terms of your vibrational interaction with this Universe. Perhaps if we
explain to you a little bit about what’s happening here, it will help you to understand that your
question is already being answered in ways that you may, or may not, quite fully understand.

When we are communicating here through Esther, we are not whispering words to her
that she is repeating. Instead, we are in our place of knowing, offering our vibration about what
we know, and about who we be. And Esther, or you, are receiving this vibration at an
unconscious level, and then matching it with words of a physical equivalent.

So what we are literally doing together here, is building new language. In other words, you are beginning to hear
the words that Esther is expressing. Esther did not have background, so she did not have a cache of words that she could easily match. She had to find conceptual ideas and bits and pieces here and there to match what she was feeling as our expression.

And over time, as one of you offers a question vibrationally and verbally, and we receive
the essence of your asking, and then we respond vibrationally to the essence of your asking, and
Esther tries to find words that somehow match that expression, and then we sense, or feel, your
response to her words, and we feel the Energy that is triggered within you as a result of those
words, we are then able to offer subtle or broader or deeper or more vibration, which gives her
the opportunity to choose more words. Until together, we literally are making new language.

Now, this is the way your language has always moved forward. Sometimes people will
come to the gathering, and then they will go away and they will begin receiving, also. And
sometimes they are uncomfortable that the words that they find in their translation process are
often identical to the words that Esther has found in her translation process. Because they have
heard Esther’s translation, and it is, therefore, then logical that when they feel the vibration that
is being offered, that they would then match the words that are most familiar to that vibration in
their translating process.

And, sometimes, they worry that they are not really translating Energy. They worry that
they are just repeating what they have heard come forth from Esther. And we say, in the
beginning it is natural that the words that they would choose would be similar, or same, to the
words that Esther has found. But eventually, if they are truly receiving, all kinds of new words
from their personal experience will begin to come about. And that’s what you’re talking about
here. You’re talking about receiving Nonphysical Knowing, matching it with the vibration and
the language of your time and place, and putting the two together. So you are sort of a translator,
or a combiner, literally, of two worlds.

We talk about this only briefly here, because as we begin to speak to you about the
physical you and the Nonphysical You, while our intent was to make the physical, conscious
human aware of the broader part of himself, sometimes, instead of making you feel more a whole
or a part of the whole, we actually in our description of two parts, cause even more awareness of
separation. When our intent is to help you to realize that you are Eternal Energy that is
expressing in this physical format. And so, the better you feel, the more joy you feel in any
moment, the purer your connection to that expression.

So what happens? The best of all worlds is to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on, which
means feeling great, summoning lots of Nonphysical Energy, into a physical format. So all of
these things that you are talking about here, always, always happens. It’s just that most people do
not know that it is happening. You get what we’re talking about?

All of you are receivers of your Nonphysical Energy, much more than you know. So many of your impulses are coming from that Broader Consciousness. But you have become those who have somehow come to believe more in separation, than you believe in the wholeness of who-you-are. And your guilt, and worry, and blame, and self-depreciation and all that sort of thing are evidence of that.

Good, we’ll hear more from you. Are we getting to what you are reaching for?

Q Yes, and that is anticipating like the major translation that I’m currently understanding
and using. And that is where matter is a function of Energy, and Energy of matter…

A Now give us more. What are you getting at there?

— Abraham-Hicks – Kansas City, MO — 08/29/99