Prosperity Takes Practice

Prosperity Takes Practice

By Jeannette Maw

One of the financial gurus of our day once said that if you don’t already know how to be rich when you win the lottery, you better learn fast.

Because if you manage to come into money through some miracle, you won’t keep it for long if you don’t have a mindset of wealth. Poverty thoughts don’t go with big money, that’s all there is to it. As conscious creators understand, a rich reality requires a rich vibration.

That’s why I always say that prosperity takes practice. If you want big money, you need a big money vibration. If you want easy money, you need an easy money vibration.

And if you’ve been practicing a small money vibration or a hard money vibration, you’ll need to be deliberate about switching things up if you expect to manifest easy prosperity.

So how do you practice prosperity before it’s your true 3D reality?

Here are 5 easy but effective ways to practice the vibration of prosperity:

1. Recognize how you already are (rich). The truth is most of us tend to discount the riches we already experience. If you can how and where you’re prospering right now, you become a magnet for more. Practice reframing your current reality as prosperous, and that’s one way to adopt the vibration of wealth.

2. Pretend it with imagination. Luckily we don’t have to be rich in order to think or feel rich. The same way Lady Gaga practiced being famous before she was, and the way Conor McGregor acted as if he were the champion fighter, you can pretend to be wealthy before your financial situation changes by a single penny. Mike Dooley did this when confronted with big financial restrictions. He’d look at a big bill he didn’t know how to pay and say, “Well, it’s a good thing I’m rich” long before he ever was.

You can engage your imagination in lots of super fun ways, including pray rain journaling, affirmations, acting as if, visualizing, environmental cues (like Jim Carey’s check), etc. It’s a powerful way to condition your vibration to wealth!

3. Prepare for wealth.

Pave the way for money’s arrival by learning how to tend it. That could include:

  • learning how to receive it (do you know where to take a winning lottery ticket?)
  • what to do with it when it’s here (in the safe, to the accountant, straight to charity, set aside for taxes – it sends a powerful signal to Universe when you have a plan for when it arrives)
  • how to take care of it (invested, insured, diversified, etc. – do you know how to tend big money? You’ll at least want to know how to hire someone who does.)

Preparing for money’s arrival is another way you can adopt a big money vibration.

4. Hang out with the rich crowd. Sometimes the easiest way to get a rich vibe going is to draft off of someone else’s. Vibrations are contagious, so just getting in the atmosphere of wealth encourages it to rub off, especially when you get deliberate about it. We’re talking about expensive hotel lobbies, ritzy neighborhoods, high end stores, the pro shop at the nicest golf club, etc.

Do remember that this contagious energy thing goes both ways. So minimize exposure to scarcity thoughts on the loose. (Including your own!)

5. Take rich action. No, that doesn’t mean spending money. Or at least it doesn’t have to. Rich people do lots of things differently than the non-rich; things that you can do, too. They read different books, they drink different drinks, they fundraise for favorite causes and they negotiate more favorable terms. If you don’t already have an inside look at the wealthy, you can study up. (You might be surprised how much you already have in common.)

The bottom line is that one way or another you want to practice the vibration of whatever you want to manifest. Your vibration management practice doesn’t have to be hard work or take a long time, but persistence is your best friend here.

How do I reinforce the vibration of wealth?

  • I put financial worries in check and adopt the mindset of financial confidence. (I think like a rich person.)
  • I practice getting comfortable with greater amounts of money. (Creating a new normal for myself.)
  • I practice feeling at home when I’m among people who have money. I remind myself I am like them, they are like me, we are the same. This is how I roll.
  • And I have a healthy respect for money without making it the be-all end-all of life. Because true prosperity isn’t something that’s defined by our bank accounts.

The beauty of it is that we hold the power to create and experience whatever we put our minds to.

If you’re in the mood to be rich, I suggest the quickest way to get there is to start practicing that vibration now. Universe will make you right whatever you are willing to consistently practice – including wealth and prosperity.

Happy manifesting!


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