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Putting ‘Death’ In The Proper Prospective

In this video clip Abraham puts death in the proper prospective and need not be feared. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“You do not understand that in the eternalness of it, it is not different than walking out of this room in to the next. In the eternalness of it, there is not a lapse of consciousness. In other words, you continue to be that which you are. The death thing is an uncomfortable subject for so many of you. Almost as soon as you are born, they begin warning you about it. “Watch out, that could kill you. Watch out, that could kill you.” And when they say it, you can tell they really mean it and what they mean can’t be good. And so, right away you begin tensing against it.” – Abraham

Video Credit: YourDreamsAreWaiting