Stuck in Shifting the Vibe? A Non-Spiritual Approach May Work Better

By Jeannette Maw

Sure, we all know about taking three deep breaths, getting grateful, or going for a walk to shift the energy when we’re feeling less than fabulous.

But sometimes that just doesn’t cut it.  For those occasions when we’re too far in the funk to reach for something positive, the good news is there are lots of other ways to shift the vibe that you may not be taking advantage of.  Have you ever tried …

  • A glass of wine or a beer
  • Lettin’ loose a few cuss words
  • Having a good cry
  • Driving nowhere in particular
  • Telling someone off
  • A dose of rich, smooth chocolate
  • A sweaty workout (that could include s-e-x)
  • Good old-fashioned shopping
  • Going back to bed
  • A down & dirty gossip session
  • Throwing something away (i.e. cleaning out the fridge, car, basement or closet)

Occasionally it helps to even just flip someone the bird or express anger in another non-permanent immediate relief-giving way.

Yes, I know it’s not pretty, but guess what?  Sometimes it works when nothing else does. I mean, yes, we’re supposed to bless the situation and ask “What would Jesus/Buddha/Love do?” .. but sometimes we just can’t get there.

Those of you familiar with Abraham’s vibrational scale know why this is the case.  And those not familiar with the workings of the scale … well, you don’t even need to know because let’s face it – we’ve all felt the relief at one time or another of getting a little ticked off or distracted when we’re upset.

When I personally am really stumped for finding my way back to the “feel good,” and am too far out of range for Mike Dooley’s Notes From the Universe to get through or an Abe CD to kick me back into gear, I rely on DVR-ed episodes of Reno 911, calling an unhappy girlfriend who never fails to remind me I’ve got it pretty good, or putting together a string of swear words that would shock a sailor.

And if it’s a true emergency, my secret move to mellow out the vibe is an aging six pack of Bud Lime in the back of the refrigerator.  (It’s a four-pack now, thanks to a big tiff with my sweetie last year.)

Yes, I ho’oponopono and meditate and listen to classical guitar and pet my dogs and I’ll learn EFT one of these days and keep my citrine handy and still invite interventions from Angels, but sometimes, on certain occasions, something of a completely different nature is called for. And that’s okay.

I offer these suggestions in case you or someone you love also finds reprieve in any of these possibilities.  And also to take the stigma off swearing.  ?


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