The Difference Between Traditional Life Coaching and Law of Attraction Life Coaching

by Jeannette Maw

What’s the difference between a traditional life coach and a law of attraction (LOA) coach?

First, how they’re similar: both regular life coaches and law of attraction coaches help clients identify and achieve their goals. What makes them different is how they go about that.

Traditional life coaches use a variety of tools and techniques in their sessions with clients designed to move clients toward their ultimate goals. Those tools might include exercises like life-balance assessments (Wheel of Life), identifying core values, committing to a systemized action plan, or creating financial budgets.

Traditional coaches are trained to use skills like reflective listening, asking powerful questions, and challenging clients to expect more from themselves.

While law of attraction coaches are also focused on helping clients achieve their goals, their focus is on vibration and energy management.

Based on the principles of deliberate creation that our world arises from our thoughts and feelings, LOA coaches place the focus on awareness of energy via our thoughts, feelings and actions. By helping clients understand the power of their conscious awareness, they guide clients to embrace better feeling thoughts and prioritize high vibration feelings (like appreciation and joy). Action plans are important only to the extent that it affects the vibration.

Since vibration management is the focus in law of attraction coaching, exercises offered from an LOA coach might include scripting, acting as if, visualizations, appreciation journals, meditation sessions, vision boards, affirmations, and actions that feel good.

The skills a law of attraction coach employs to help a client become aware of and learn to consciously shift their vibration include raising awareness of energy and vibrations, learning to shift energy to create stronger alignment to desires by refocusing attention from what the client doesn’t want to what the client does want, assessing the energy to reveal vibrational misalignment, encouraging better feeling thoughts, releasing resistance to encourage “allowing” (rather than a focus on “doing”) and learning to feel good now.

Ultimately, an LOA coach knows the client’s end goal is to be happy and experience joy. Their approach is to help a client get happy first, from which everything else evolves naturally. It’s not that traditional goal setting and achievement plans don’t work. But a well trained law of attraction coach helps a client focus on achieving their ultimate desire of satisfaction and joy without depending on certain circumstances or situations to feel those feelings.

Law of attraction coaches may be self-trained or certified by one of several LOA coach training programs worldwide. For an extensive listing of coaches whose practices are founded on the principles of deliberate creation, as well as a list of LOA coach training programs, visit

Someone who works with a coach focused on vibration management is sure to come away with a deeper understanding of their power to create their own reality, leading to a stronger sense of freedom, empowerment and happiness.


Jeannette Maw is a Master Certified Coach, founder of the online community for deliberate creators at Good Vibe University, and publisher of Good Vibe Blog. Learn more about professional law of attraction training for coaches at