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One of my favorite books of all time is Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman. I “stumbled” across it many years ago (I realize now that I was guided to it) and it was the beginning of my transformation and personal evolution. Not only did it give me a whole new perspective on life, it introduced me to channeling.

The information in the book was “given” to Sanaya Roman by a non-physical being named Orin in a series of meditation sessions over a period of months. More books were written with Orin’s guidance, and another non-physical being named DaBen, who speaks through Duane Packer.

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Living with Joy is a great place to start if you are new to the Law of Attraction. Although they don’t use the term “Law of Attraction,” the principles they teach are the same. Another one of their books that I highly recommend is Creating Money if you want to learn more about the energy of money and how you can attract more of it into your life.

Since Orin & DaBen don’t offer their teachings through videos on YouTube at this time, I encourage you to explore their website, which is abundant with enlightening information, and read the books mentioned, as well as their other works.

About Sanaya Roman

Sanaya (pronounced Sah-nay-ah) has been channeling Orin, a spirit teacher, for many years, bringing through Orin’s wisdom via books, audio courses. Her formal training includes graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley. Much of her study and interest was in mathematics, in addition to sociology. She has studied metaphysics for years and found great value in the Seth books by Jane Roberts, in the Alice Bailey books, as well as books by Joel Goldsmith and many other wonderful teachers.

About Orin

Orin is a nonphysical entity, a Being of Light, that Sanaya connects with through conscious channeling. He is a being of great love, wisdom, and compassion.

Here are excerpts from the Orin & DaBen website.

“He says he is working with us at this time because humanity is going through a major transition and awakening. Orin has lived an earth life and is aware of the many challenges of living on the earth plane. He says that he now “lives” on the soul plane and in even higher realms. His purpose in being here is to serve humanity.”

“I offer guidance and assistance in both your personal life and your path of world service. I am transmitting spiritual teachings to the earth plane. Certain truths operate throughout the known universes; I am here to offer you those spiritual truths, principles, and practices that can assist you in living a more joyful, fulfilling life. The understanding and practice of these truths always creates expanded awareness and growth.”

About Duane Packer

Duane Packer is a gifted clairvoyant who can see the energy fields in and around the body. He has extensive skill in assisting others to reach expanded states of consciousness and to sense subtle energies. He has a scientific background (a Ph.D. in geology-geophysics) and broad bodywork training with years of intensive experience. Duane has traveled the world as a geologist, getting to know the earth well.

Duane no longer holds private sessions as he spends all of his time developing Light Body Courses. The Light Body courses teach people how to get into expanded states of consciousness where they can learn how to create emotional flow, physical ease, and mental clarity, and experience many wonderful new states of consciousness that can change your life.

Working with his guide DaBen, a scientific and healing entity, he takes people to expanded states of consciousness in the Awakening your Light Body course.

About DaBen

Like Orin, DaBen is a non-physical being of light who exists in the higher dimensions. He is here as an assistant and spiritual teacher to help people with their personal growth.

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