Abraham-Hicks Quote

100 Quotes from Ask and it is Given

Below are 100 quotes from the book Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks – which presents the teachings of the non-physical entity Abraham. Enjoy!

1 “All who are physically focused have Non-Physical counterparts. There is no exception to that. All who are physically focused have access to the broader perspective of that which is Non-Physical. There is no exception to that. But most physical Beings have become so distracted by the physical nature of your planet that you have developed strong patterns of resistance that thwart your clear connection to your own Source.”

2 “You were born with an innate knowledge that you do create your own reality. And, in fact, that knowledge is so basic within you that when someone attempts to thwart your own creation, you feel an immediate discord within yourself.”

3 “There is no satisfaction in allowing someone else to attempt to create your reality. In fact, is is not possible for anyone else to create your reality.”

4 “Once you have realigned with eternal forces and Universal Laws, and with that which is truly the Source of that which you are, then joyous creation, beyond physical description, awaits you, for you are the creator of your own experience, and there is such satisfaction in intentionally guiding your own life.”

5 “You are eternal Beings who have chosen to participate in this specific physical life experience for many wonderful reasons. And this time-space-reality on Planet Earth serves as a platform in which you are able to focus your perspective for the purpose of specific creation.”

6 “Well-Being is the basis of this Universe. Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. You have only to allow it. Like the air you breathe, you have only to open, relax, and draw it into your Being.”

7 “Your motion forward is inevitable; it must be. You cannot help but move forward. But you are not here on a quest to move forward – you are here to experience outrageous joy. That is why you are here.”

8 “The reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire. That is the only reason – ever!”

9 “Everything you have ever desired, whether spoken or unspoken, has been transmitted by you vibrationaly. It has been heard and understood by Source and has been answered, and now you are going to feel your way into allowing yourself to receive it, one feeling at a time.”

10 “From the Non-Physical, You created you; and now from the physical, you continue to create. We all must have objects of attention, desires that are ringing our bells, in order to feel the fullness of who we are flowing through us for the continuation of All-That-Is. That desire is what puts the eternalness in eternity.”

11 “Do not underestimate the value of your preferences, for the evolution of your planet depends upon those of you on the Leading Edge of thought continuing to fine-tune your desires.”

12 “When you are consciously aware of your own thoughts, and you are deliberately offering them, then you are the deliberate creator of your own reality – and that is what you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this body.”

13 “You can feel whether you are allowing your full connection to Source Energy or not. In other words, the better you feel, the more you are allowing your connection; the worse you feel, the less you are allowing your connection.”

14 “You are, even in your physical expression of flesh, blood, and bone, a “Vibrational Being,” and everything you experience in your physical environment is vibrational.”

15 “Every thought vibrates, every thought radiates a signal, and every thought attracts a matching signal back. We call that process the Law of Attraction.”

16 “The Law of Attraction says: That which is like itself is drawn. And so, you might see the powerful Law of Attraction as a sort of Universal Manger that sees to it that all thoughts that match one another line up.”

17 “The key to bringing something into your experience that you desire is to achieve vibrational harmony with what you desire. And the easiest way for you to achieve vibrational harmony with it is to imagine having it, pretend that is is already in your experience, flow your thoughts toward the enjoyment of the experience, and as you practice those thoughts and begin to consistently offer that vibration, you will then be in the place of allowing that into your experience.”

18 “Your emotions provide a wonderful guidance system for you, and if you will pay attention to them, you will be able to guide yourself to anything that you desire.”

19 “By the powerful Universal Law of Attraction, you draw to you the essence of whatever you are predominantly thinking about. So if you are predominantly thinking about the things that you desire, your life experience reflects those things. And, in the same way, if you are predominantly thinking about what you do not want, your life experience reflects those things.”

20 “Whatever you are thinking about is like planning a future event. When you are appreciating, you are planning. When you are worrying, you are planning. (Worrying is using your imagination to create something you do not want.)”

21 “When you understand the Law of Attraction, you are never surprised by what occurs in your experience, for you understand that you have invited every bit of it in – through your own thought process. Nothing can occur in your life experience without your invitation of it through your thought.”

22 “Even though it may seem odd to you at first, it will be helpful for you to begin to accept yourself as a Vibrational Being, for this is a Vibrational Universe in which you are living, and the laws that govern this Universe are Vibrationally based.”

23 “You cannot desire something, predominantly focus on the absence of it, and then expect to receive it, because the vibrational frequency of its absence and the vibrational frequency of its presence are very different frequencies.”

24 “The Art of Allowing is the art of no longer resisting the Well-Being that you deserve; the Well-Being that is natural; the Well-Being that is your legacy, your Source, and your very Being.”

25 “We like to refer to the place where you are standing as the Leading Edge of Thought, for as you stand there – in your physical body, in your physical environment, having your physical experience – you are the furthermost extension of that which we are.”

26 “As every person on your planet is having experiences that are causing their desires to be born, a sort of mass summoning is occuring, which literally equals the evolution of your planet.”

27 “If you can desire it, the Universe can produce it.”

28 “There is only a Stream of Well-Being that flows. You can allow it or resist it, but it flows just the same.”

29 “These days, there are some people experiencing intense hardships or traumas, and because of how they are living right now, their asking is in a heightened and intense place. And because of the intensity of their request, Source is responding in kind. And although the person who is doing the asking is usually so involved in the trauma that they are not personally receiving the benefit of their own asking, future generations – or even current generations who are not, right now, disallowing – are receiving the benefit of that asking.”

30 “You (and how you feel) is all that is responsible for whether you let in your inheritance of Well-Being or not. And while those around you may influence you, more or less, to allow or not allow that Stream, it is ultimately up to you.”

31 “When someone looks at you, they see you with their eyes and hear you with their ears, but you are presenting yourself to them, and to the Universe, in a much more emphatic way than can be seen or heard: You are a vibrational transmitter, and you are broadcasting your signal in every moment of your existence.”

32 “Every thought that has ever been thought still exists, and whenever you focus upon a thought, you activate the vibration of that thought within you. So, whatever you are currently giving your attention to is an activated thought. But when you turn your attention away from a thought, it becomes dormant, or no longer active.”

33 “As you give more and more attention to any thought, and as you focus upon it and therefore practice the vibration of it – the thought becomes an even bigger part of your vibration – and you could now call this practiced thought a belief.”

34 “With your practiced attention to any subject, the Law of Attraction delivers circumstances, conditions, experiences, other people, and all manner of things that match your habitual dominant vibration. And as things begin to manifest around you that match the thoughts you have been holding, you now develop stronger and stronger vibrational habits or proclivities. And so, your once small and insignificant thought has now evolved into a powerful belief – and your poerful beliefs will always be played out in your experience.”

35 “Your emotions – simply, purely, and only – are about your relationship with your Source. And since your emotions tell you everything that you would ever want or need to know about your relationship with your Source, we often refer to your emotions as your Emotional Guidance System.”

36 “Like the sculptors who, with time and practice, learn to mold the clay into the precise desired creation, you can learn to mold the Energy that creates worlds through the focus of your mind. And, like the sculptors who, with their hands, feel their way as they recreate their vision – you will use your emotions to feel your way to Well-Being.”

37 “Desires (or asking) are the natural by-product of your exposure to this environement of fantastic variety and contrast.”

38 “Your ‘asking’ is sometimes spoken with your words, but more often it emanates from you vibrationally as a constant stream of personally honed preferences, each building on the next, and each one respected and answered.”

39 “Unless you are in the receiving mode, your questions, even though they have been answered, will seem unanswered to you; your prayers will not seem to be answered, and your desires will not be fulfilled – not because your wishes have not been heard, but because your vibrations are not a match, so you are not letting them in.”

40 “Every subject is really two subjects: There is that which you desire, and the lack of it. Often – even when you believe you are thinking about something that you desire – you are actually thinking about the exact opposite of what you desire.”

41 “It is not possible for you to consistently feel positive emotion about something and have it turn out badly, just as it is not possible for you to consistently feel bad about something and have it turn out well – for the way you feel will tell you if you are allowing your natural Well-Being or not.”

42 “Well-Being is constantly making its way to you, and if you have not learned thoughts that slow it or restrict it, you are experiencing it in all areas of your life.”

43 “Remember, as extensions of pure, positive Non-Physical Energy, the more in vibrational harmony you are with You, the better you feel.”

44 “We often refer to that Non-Physical part of You as your Inner Being, or your Source. It is not important what you call that Source of Energy, or Life Force, but it is important that you are consciously aware of when you are allowing a full connection to it and when you are restricting it in some way – and your emotions are your constant indicators of your degree of allowing or resisting that connection.”

45 “As you consciously consider the way you feel, you will get better and better at directing the Source Energy, and you will become a disciplined and joyous deliberate creator.”

46 “You are supposed to thrive. You are supposed to feel good. You are good. You are loved, and Well-Being is constantly flowing to you, and if you will allow it, it will manifest in all manner of ways in your experience.”

47 “A belief is only a practiced vibration. In other words, once you have practiced a thought long enough, then anytime you approach the subject of that thought, the Law of Attraction will take you easily into the full vibration of your belief.”

48 “Most of our physical friends are unaccustomed to viewing their lives in terms of vibrations, and they are certainly not accustomed to thinking of themselves as radio transmitters and receivers – but you do live in a Vibrational Universe, and you are more Energy, Vibration, or Electricity than you realize.”

49 “With enough attention to anything, the essence of what you have been giving thought to will eventually become a physical manifestation. And then as others observe your physical manifestation, through their attention to it, they help it to expand. And then, in time, this manifestation, whether it is one that is wanted or not, is called “truth.”

50 “There are many wonderful things that you are making your Truths, and there are many not-so-wonderful things that you are making your Truths – Deliberate Creation is about deliberately choosing those experiences you make your Truths.”

51 “When you continue to focus upon any thought, it becomes increasingly easy to continue to focus upon it because the Law of Attraction is making more thoughts like it available to you.”

52 “When you really, really want something, and you are thinking about your desire and feeling pleasure from the thought, your thought vibration is now in alignment with your desire – and the current from your Source is flowing through you toward your intended desire with no restriction or resistance. We call that: allowing.”

53 “Your emotions do not create, but they do indicate what you are currently attracting.”

54 “No better guidance has ever been offered to our physical friends than the words ‘Follow your bliss,’ for in the steady reaching for bliss, you must surely align with the Energy of your Source. And in the constant alignment, your Well-Being is certain.”

55 “It is not your job to make something happen – Universal Forces are in place for all of that. Your work is to simply determine what you want.”

56 “By always reaching for the feeling of joy, or Well-Being, you would always be moving toward that which you desire.”

57 “We refer to that time between your offering of a thought and its physical manifestation as ‘the buffer of time.’ This is that wonderful time of offering thought, noticing how it feels, adjusting the thought to achieve an even better feeling, and then, in an attitude of absolute expectation, enjoying the gentle, steady unfolding of anything and everything that you have concluded as your desires.”

58 “The Law of Attraction always yields to you the essence of the balance of your thoughts. No exceptions. You get what you think about – whether you want it or not.”

59 “If you have the ability to imagine it, or even to think about it, this Universe has the ability and the resources to deliver it fully unto you, for this Universe is like a well-stocked kitchen with every ingredient imaginable at your disposal.”

60 “Every physical Being on your planet is your partner in co-creation, and if you would accept that and appreciate the diversity of beliefs and desires – all of you would have more expansive, satisfying, and fulfilling experiences.”

61 “So from the variety or contrast, your own preferences or desires are born. And in the moment that your preferences begins to exist, it begins to draw to itself, through the Law of Attraction, the essence of that which matches it – and it then begins an immediate expansion.”

62 “Your eternal nature is one of expansion – and in that expansion is the potential for unspeakable joy.”

63 “If someone is not receiving what they are asking for, it is not because there is a shortage of resources; it can only be that the person holding the desire is out of alignment with their own request. There is no shortage. There is no lack. There is no competition for resources. There is only the allowing or the disallowing of that which you are asking for.”

64 “Often you are pulled this way and that in an attempt to please another, only to discover that no matter how hard you try, you cannot consistently move in any pleasing direction, and so, you not only do not please them, but you also do not please yourself. And because you are being pulled in so many different directions, your path to where you want to be usually gets lost in the process.”

65 “The greatest gift that you could ever give to another is your own happiness, for when you are in a state of joy, happiness, or appreciation, you are fully connected to the Stream of pure, positive Source Energy that is truly who you are.”

66 “There is no condition so severe that you cannot reverse it by choosing different thoughts. However, choosing different thoughts requires focus and practice. If you continue to focus as you have been, to think as you have been, and to believe as you have been, then nothing in your experience will change.”

67 “…the reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because, while you are continuing to think the same thoughts, things are changing – but they are changing to the same thing over and over.”

68 “If you want things to change to different things, you must think different thoughts. And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.”

69 “There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it. Whether it is a material object, a physical state of being, a relationship, a condition, or a circumstance – at the heart of every desire is the desire to feel good. And so, the standard of success in life is not the things or the money – the standard of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”

70 “The basis of life is freedom, and the result of life is expansion – but the purpose of your life is joy.”

71 “Appreciation and self-love are the most important aspects you could ever nurture. Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy of anything we have ever witnessed anywhere in this Universe.”

72 “Now, occasionally, someone will accuse us of teaching selfishness. And we agree. Indeed, we do teach selfishness, for if you are not selfish enough to deliberately align with the Energy of your Source, you have nothing to give anyway.”

73 “Within 17 seconds of focusing on something, a matching vibration becomes activated. And now, as that focus becomes stronger and the vibration becomes clearer, the Law of Attraction will bring to you more thoughts that match. At this point, the vibration will not have much attraction power, but if you maintain your focus longer, the power of the vibration will become further-reaching. And if you manage to stay purely focused upon any thought for as little as 68 seconds, the vibration is powerful enough that its manifestation begins.”

74 “Once you deliberately choose a thought and consciously feel the improvement in the way you feel, you have successfully utilized your own guidance system, and you can now be on your way to the freedom that you desire and deserve – for there is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.”

75 “There are many words that are used to describe emotions, but there are really only two emotions: One feels good, and one feels bad.”

76 “We would describe the sensation of desire as the delicious awareness of new possibilities. Desire is a fresh, free feeling of anticipating wonderful expansion. The feeling of desire is truly the feeling of life flowing through you.”

77 “Your ability to imagine will help the next logical steps come to you faster. You can work the bugs out of it in your imagination; you do not have to build little things and bigger things – you can do it all in your mind. We are not talking about the next logical action step. We are talking about using your imagination until your big dream feels so familiar that the manifestation is the next logical step.”

78 “The more you practice appreciation, the less resistance you will have in your own vibrational frequencies. And the less resistance you have, the better your life will be.”

79 “Life is not about tomorrow, it is about right now. Life is about how you are currently molding the energy.”

80 “When you think about why you want something, you usually soften resistance, but when you think about when it will come to you or how it will come or who will help it come, you often add resistance, especially if you do not already know the answers to those questions.”

81 “Negative emotion is a good thing in that it is letting you know that some tweaking is required in order for you to be in harmony with who you are.”

82 “You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life – and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned them. You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your own experience – you have only to decide it and allow it to be.”

83 “You do not have to keep telling the Universe what you want; you only have to tell the Universe once. But the advantage of continuing to talk about it is that you get clearer about it.”

84 “We want to say to you that your thoughts change the behavior of everyone and everything who has anything to do with you. For your thoughts absolutely equal your point of attraction, and the better you feel, the more that everything and everyone around you improves. In the moment that you find an improved feeling, conditions and circumstances change to match your feeling.”

85 “Because everything carries its own vibration, and because you develop a vibrational relationship with everything in your life, your personal belongings do have an impact on the way you feel and on your point of attraction.”

86 “The contrast of your time-space-reality is extremely useful, for contrast helps you focus your thoughts: Whenever you know what you do not want, you also know even more clearly what you do want; and whenever you know what you do want, you also know even more clearly what you do not want.”

87 “Thoughts are magnetic, and as you think a thought, it will attract another and another and anotehr, until eventually you will have physical manifestation of the vibrational essence of whatever has been the subject of your thoughts.”

88 “We encourage you, very strongly, not to beat up on yourself when you recognize that you are feeling negative emotion. But as soon as you can, stop and say, ‘I’m feeling some negative emotion, which means that I’m in the process of attracting what I don’t want. What is it that I do want?”

89 “Do not try to save the world; save yourself. That means that you need to focus on what makes you feel good.”

90 “As you focus upon what it feels like to be living your desire, you cannot, at the same time, be feeling the absence of your desire, so with practice, you can tip the scale, so to speak, so that even though your desire has not yet actually manifested, you are offering a vibration as if it has – and then it must.”

91 “Again, the Universe does not know if you are offering your vibration because you are living what you are living, or because you are imagining that you are living it. In either case, it answers the vibration – and the manifestation must follow.”

92 “You could pretend that you have more money than you have any sensible use for; pretend that you have so much money you do not know where to keep it all, and imagine you have tons of it in the pantry and under the bed. See yourself going to the bank with buckets of change that you are converting to dollar bills. See yourself taking $5, $10, and $20 bills and having them converted to $100 bills, just for the sake of more efficient storage.”

93 “You cannot get poor enough to help the impoverished people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. If you want to be of help to others, be as tapped in, tuned in, and turned on as you can possibly be.”

94 “Money is not the root of happiness, but it is not the root of evil either. Money is the result of how somebody lines up energy.”

95 “Success is not about getting it done. It is about still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding. The standard of success in life is not the money or the stuff – the standard of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.”

96 “Success is about a happy life, and a happy life is just a string of happy moments. But most people do not allow the happy moments because they are so busy trying to get a happy life.”

97 “All the resources you will ever want or need are at your fingertips. All you have to do is identify what you want to do with it and then practice the feeling-place of what it will be like when that happens. ”

98 “There is nothing you cannot be, do or have; you are blessed Beings, and you have come forth to create.”

99 “Life is supposed to be fun – it is supposed to feel good!”

100 “Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. Nothing is more important than that you feel good. Just practice that and watch what happens.”