The Magic of Joyful Expansion
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The Magic of Joyful Expansion

By Kate Corbin

“When your physical life causes the Non-Physical part of you to expand, you must go with the expansion if you are to experience joy.” – Abraham-Hicks

In response to an undeniable urge toward further growth, my mastermind partner and I have declared this our Year of Joyful Expansion. As such, it is my intention to expand joyfully in every area of my life – especially to deepen and expand my connection with Source, my capacity to experience joy, and my absolute knowing that All is Well.

According to Abraham-Hicks, life is a continuous process of expanding and aligning; expanding and aligning; expanding and aligning.

Here’s how the process of Joyful Expansion plays out:

(1) From the variety or contrast of your physical life experience, you come to a new conclusion about what you would prefer. As exposure to contrast inspires you to ask for more, you launch a rocket of desire about what would be better from your vantage point. (For example, not enough money to pay the bills creates a desire for more money.)

(2) A new desire is now born, and the Non-Physical part of you BECOMES the vibrational, expanded version of your request and calls you forward. Your desire has manifested vibrationally, which sets up a gap between where you are and what life has caused you to become. (Ex: Your vortex is now filled with plenty of money.)

(3) To close the gap, you feel your way into alignment. You pay attention to the way you feel, consciously reaching for thoughts that feel better and feeling the improvement in your vibration as you release resistance. (Ex: You focus on how good it feels to have plenty of money.)

(4) Vibrational manifestation becomes physical manifestation and you feel the joy of coming into alignment. (Ex: You receive a raise / a better paying job / a windfall of some sort AND you become a smart money manager.)

(5) You now move into a new set of contrasting circumstances that again inspire new preferences, and new rockets of desire emanate from you; and the process continues.(Ex: Now that you’ve got plenty of money and you’re managing it well, you set your sights on improved health and fitness / starting your own business / falling in love…)

Expansion is a given. Contrast continues to summon desire, which continues to create expansion. So here’s the question: Will you go with the flow and expand joyfully or will you make it hard on yourself by resisting the flow? The easy way or the hard way? Upstream or downstream? Allowing or resisting? Your emotional guidance system tells you whether you’re allowing the expansion or resisting it.

The key to joyful expansion is to find vibrational alignment with it. As you think about what you want and why you want it, as you FEEL GOOD, as you use processes such as visualization, scripting, focus wheel, affirmations, rampage of appreciation, etc., as you offer the vibration of your desire most often, you close the gap and your desire manifests.


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