power of not knowing how
Law of Attraction

The Power of Not Knowing How

By Jeannette Maw

Do you know the quickest way to kill a big dream? Or the “cause of death” of many a grandiose desire? What’s the best way to sabotage yourself in getting what you want? Answer: thinking you have to figure out how to make it happen!

In Law of Attraction world, “how” is well-known as a four letter word. It’s the most common way to shoot down aspirations before they get time to grow.

We do this to ourselves regularly – making the business of life much harder than it needs to be. Once we recognize a new desire, what’s the thought right behind it? If it’s not something about why it can’t or won’t happen, it’s very likely anxiety about how to make it come true.

Last weekend I traveled to a part of my state I rarely visit for my boyfriend’s three day golf tournament. Since golf isn’t my thing, I recognized a “feel good” that was more in alignment with hiking. Although I was in a strange town with no gear, no familiarity with the area, no hiking friends, and no car, I announced I was skipping the tournament and going on a hike instead.

Considering the circumstances, a very natural thought at that point would be, “How am I going to do that?” Didn’t look like events were lined up to make that easy to happen.

But I didn’t get hung up on how. I stayed with my desire: I wanted to hike; I wanted to get some fresh air and exercise; explore new territory; and get some good time alone in nature. I didn’t let worry about “how” it would happen stop me.

And in the absence of worry about how, I was able to find my way to action steps that allowed one of the best hikes of my life! I borrowed a car to look for the perfect hiking trail, which I didn’t find right away. But I did find bottled water and a map, which then led me to a trailhead five minutes out of town, to a gorgeous hike with steep switchbacks and amazing views of the valley.

It was an amazing experience! The top of the trail opened onto a beautiful green meadow hidden from the valley road. Continuing through the peaceful meadow, I met two locals who tipped me off to a nearby and little known area of 2,000 year old petroglyphs. This hike was one of the most stunning, awesome, inspiring, humbling, unbelievably beautiful walks ever!

I could have been there, OR, I could have been back at the golf course watching a long tournament, because I didn’t know how I could go hiking under seemingly restricted circumstances.

Where does “how?” stop you in life? What are you hung up on because you think it’s your job to figure it all out? When you turn that responsibility over to the Universe (aka God, Spirit) and focus more on your desire than how to make it happen, miracles unfold!

Instead of spending valuable time working an “action plan” to reach your goal, consider spending a few of those minutes dwelling on the end result you want. Imagine what you’ll experience, revel in what you want to create. Enjoy the anticipation of it now, and let that desire grow and then attract the solution to you.

After giving your dream some air time, all you need to do is take action that feels good. Forget figuring out “how!” It’s a trap door. The Universe will show you the way when you let it. Trust, allow, and leave the reins in the Universe’s hands. Then prepare to be amazed!


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