Top 7 Manifesting Mistakes

By Jeanette Maw

Those of you familiar with the Law of Attraction know how straightforward the deliberate creation process is: like attracts like, so get in vibrational harmony with what you want, and let it in. Seems simple. Yet virtually everyone who practices it runs into a few hiccups. Here are the top seven ways we trip ourselves up in manifesting our dreams:

1. Focusing on what you DON’T want

Hands down this is the most common mistake my clients make. Seems obvious, and yet it’s a subtle distinction between thinking about what you want versus what you don’t want. Even the word “want” itself can trip you up, as for some people it has a connotation of “lack” or “being without.”

Be aware of the words you use and the images it creates in your mind.

2. Giving attention to the obstacles

Sometimes it seems as if our brains are hard-wired to automatically recount all the reasons we can’t have what we want. This is where you build your brain muscle to get in the habit of refusing to entertain any “facts” or “truths” as to why your desire won’t appear. (With rare exception, there are no hard and fast rules in this Universe other than the ones you believe in.)

Thinking about reasons you won’t get what you want keeps those obstacles strong and powerful. Let go of any thoughts that stand between you and what it is you want.

3. Noticing you still don’t have it

The determining factors in how quickly you receive what you’re asking for are 1) how much you want it and 2) how easily you’re allowing it (a function of wanting and believing). Any time you note your desire still hasn’t appeared, you’re creating resistance which keeps it from showing up. Again, this is focusing on what you don’t want.

Instead, when you find yourself noticing you still don’t have it, know it’s on its way and will soon be here. Remind yourself you’re a master creator who manifests whatever you choose. It’s just a matter of time!

4. Letting limiting beliefs stand in the way

Limiting beliefs can be tricky because we’re usually not consciously aware of them. If you’re doing everything right and still don’t have what you want, it’s time to look at your limiting beliefs.

It’s easy enough to want financial prosperity or the body of a supermodel, but if deep down you think rich people are what’s wrong with this country or that you inherited “fat genes” from mom’s side of the family, you’re holding beliefs contrary to what you’re manifesting. Those beliefs, if strong enough, will keep you from getting what you want.

Do some soul-searching to get a handle on your core beliefs. Just becoming aware of a false belief is often all it takes for it to dissipate. To speed up the process, you can also reprogram yourself with supportive beliefs.

5. Not believing it’s yours

Many of us live in a perpetual state of “wanting.” The key to manifesting is to believe this thing you want is already yours. Live it, breathe it, and feel it as if you already have it. That puts you in vibrational alignment with your desire, allowing it to appear effortlessly.

6. Ignoring your (inspired) call to action

When you’re properly aligned with what you want, you’ll see evidence of it accumulating and may feel inspired to take certain actions. Listen to your intuition, follow your hunches, and take action that feels good. It’s common for overachievers to make themselves busy in taking steps they believe are required to manifest their desire, but only inspired action is helpful. Frantic activity will introduce resistance and slow down the process.

7. Not feeling good

If you’ve got something that consistently brings you down, whether it’s your job, your health, your spouse, etc., you’re running a vibration that makes it difficult for the Universe to deliver good things. One of the best things you can do to get what you want is start taking steps to deliberately feel good.

You’ll be amazed how things come together when you start eliminating what you’re “tolerating” in life and start feeling better. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to turn your life upside down (although that works too), but you can also choose to change the way you feel about things.

Above all, remember this is fun! Creating what you want is magical, joyful and a huge trip to boot!


Jeannette Maw is a Law of Attraction Coach in Salt Lake City, Utah who helps her global clients get what they want, once and for all! Get powerful tips and strategies to manifest your dreams come true by signing up for the free “Get What You Want” ezine at