Why I Fell in Love With Abraham

By Kathryn Corbin

“Your eternal nature is one of expansion – and in that expansion is the potential for unspeakable joy.” – Abraham-Hicks

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jeannette Maw of Good Vibe University. In that interview, I had the opportunity to recall my first introduction to the Law of Attraction. It was through the book, Ask & It Is Given, by Abraham-Hicks. To say that reading Ask & It Is Given was an extraordinary, life-altering event does not even begin to describe the profound impact these teachings have had and continue to have on me.

Even though I had been introduced to the idea that we create with our thoughts some 30 years ago in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich, I didn’t really know what to do with that information or how to apply it until I met Abraham.

As I recalled with Jeannette some of the messages I resonated so deeply with upon my first introduction to the Law of Attraction, I was delighted to find that I continue to understand and appreciate these teachings on an even deeper level today.

Here are five of those early messages that made me fall in love with Abraham:

    • Life is supposed to be fun, you know. This was perhaps the most unexpected and at the same time the most welcome message for me in those early days. Never had anyone even hinted to me that life was supposed to be fun. I thought, sure, life can be fun sometimes, but more as a special treat or as a reward for working hard. But, even as contrary to my programming as that message had been, my heart absolutely knew it to be true. In fact, Abraham proclaims that the very reason you are here is to experience outrageous joy!
    • You can’t get it wrong. Another big shocker! I was certain I could get it wrong and was equally sure I was getting it wrong fairly often. The peace and the freedom that come from knowing and accepting that I really can’t get it wrong is immeasurable.
    • There is only a source of Well-Being that flows. There is no source of evil. With this understanding, the whole eternal battle between good and evil disappeared for me. There is only a source of Well-Being that flows and you can allow it or resist it. It’s your choice in every moment.
    • You are a physical extension of Source. As a physical extension of Source, there can be no real separation between physical and nonphysical. As a physical extension of Source, you are unquestionably worthy and deserving. As a physical extension of Source, you are one with Source, eternally connected in a co-creative dance of joyful expansion.
  • Feeling Good is the most important thing. I remember thinking, really? Are you sure it’s not BEING good or DOING good that’s the most important thing? I now understand that the way you feel is an indication of the strength or weakness of your connection with Source. With this information, you can consciously allow the full connection with Who You Really Are and be in constant connection with Source.

There are, of course, many other wonderful Abraham teachings, including:

  • Well-Being is your natural state.
  • What you think and feel and what you receive is always a match.
  • You attract what you think about – whether you want it or not.
  • Nothing can jump into your experience without your invitation.
  • The standard of success in life is not the money or the stuff; it’s absolutely the amount of joy you feel.

Abraham’s teachings on the Law of Attraction are, for me, quite simply the most joyful, empowering, loving, expansive teachings I have ever heard and I feel incredibly fortunate to have “found” them at a time in my life when I was ready to embrace this magnificent perspective on life with my whole heart.

To hear more about why I fell in love with Abraham and to listen to the entire Good Vibe University interview, the recording is available on the About Kate page of my website.


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