I Am
Manifesting Techniques

The Magic of “I AM…”

By Kate Corbin

“Whatever follows ‘I AM’ is going to come looking for you.”– Joel Olsteen

If you’ve been following the Law of Attraction for a while, you’re most likely comfortable with the idea that your thoughts become the things and events of your life.  You probably also accept the concept that you create your own reality with your thoughts and feelings – admittedly, more comfortable when things are going well and less comfortable when things are a bit rocky.  So how often do you stop to think what kind of life you’re creating with the words you think and speak?

Our words are powerful creators of our lives and these two words – “I AM” – have especially strong creative power.  Knowing this, is it really a good idea to continually think or say things like I AM sick, I AM broke, I AM sad?  Knowing this, doesn’t it make infinite good sense to affirm I AM healthy, I AM prosperous, I AM happy?

If you listen, you’ll discern whether the majority of “I AM” statements you make every day are attracting what you DO want or what you DON’T want.  Either way, the Universe always responds, “Your wish is my command.”

You cannot overestimate the power in “I AM” statements. There is no limit to what you can do with it.” – Saint Germain in The “I AM” Discourses

Before I understood the power of “I AM,” I had a bad habit of saying “I AM SO tired.”  Guess what that I AM statement created?  Right, more exhaustion.  When I realized I was using my power to call forth fatigue, I started consciously revising it to “I AM filled with Energy and vitality” or “I AM feeling more Energy all the time.”

How good do these positive I AM statements feel? I AM wonderful I AM capable I AM worthy and deserving I AM talented I AM magnificent

Let’s say you catch yourself thinking or saying something to the effect of “I AM not good enough” and you notice that feels bad, so you consciously replace it with “I AM good enough; I AM great!”  Good catch, but then you may notice it feels like a lie and you don’t really believe it.  That’s OK.  You may not completely believe your positive I AM’s right now, but remember a belief is simply a thought you keep thinking, so keep thinking thoughts of what you DO want.

As you continue to repeat positive I AM statements, you re-train your brain, re-program your mind and re-write the script for your life.

“Every time you use the words “I AM,” you are calling in the Divine power to do whatever you are proclaiming.” – Wayne Dyer

Whatever follows your “I AM” will determine what kind of life you live.  I AM broke attracts lack just as surely as I AM successful attracts success.  Because you get to choose what follows “I AM,” you get to choose joy or sorrow, wealth or poverty, health or illness, success or failure.  Try these: I AM strong I AM successful I AM happy I AM lovable I AM healthy I AM wealthy

If you can’t always get to the most positive affirmation, simply point yourself in a better direction.  If I AM wealthy is too much of a stretch right now, point in that direction with I AM on my way to more abundance.  If I AM healthy currently feels too far away, point in that direction with I AM allowing greater ease every day.

The important thing is to be aware that you are creating your reality with your I AM statements and use them to create what you DO want.  How about: I AM beautiful I AM confident I AM brilliant I AM fortunate I AM valuable

To transform an “I AM” affirmation into an “I AM” reality, do your best to feel now the way you want to feel then.  See yourself the way you want to be.  See your circumstances the way you want them to be.

You wield infinite power to create – for good or for ill – with the words “I AM.” Harness the Magic of I AM and affirm: I AM joyful and appreciative I AM in love with life I AM always so lucky I AM always in the right place at the right time

As you know, when you get the inside right, the outside will take care of itself.  Choosing positive I AM statements is one of the easiest and most powerful things you can do to get the inside right.  You get to choose what follows I AM, so how about using the Magic of I AM to create the life you truly desire – starting now!


Kate Corbin is a Law of Attraction Life Coach and the creator of Gold Star Coaching. Both her coaching practice and her two ebooks – Dining at the Cosmic Cafe: How to Be and Do and Have Whatever You Desire http://www.goldstarcoaching.com/cosmiccafe.html as well as Think and Grow Thin with the Law of Attraction – are designed to empower you to truly live the life of your dreams. To contact Coach Kate, check out her books, and subscribe to her free ezine, Magical Musings, visit http://www.goldstarcoaching.com/