The Magic of Going With the Flow

by Kathryn Corbin

“Everything that you want is in vibrational escrow calling you. Just stop the ‘I don’t have it’ part and you will have it. Let the Universe show you how responsive it is. It’s time for you to ride the crest of the waves that you have given birth to.”– Abraham-Hicks

For many months now, I’ve been listening to Abraham-Hicks talk about going with the flow and I think I’m starting to get it. Abraham encourages us to relax and let the stream of Pure Positive Energy take us where we want to go. Many of us have been so trained to fight against the current and paddle upstream that we resist the idea of dropping the oars. It just sounds lazy, we protest! Isn’t it funny that we have resistance to enjoying the ride? What could be easier than relaxing and going with the flow?

Upstream Thoughts or Downstream Thoughts?

A good way to release resistance and go with the flow of Well-Being is to ask: “Is this an upstream thought or a downstream thought?” Upstream thoughts create resistance. Downstream thoughts allow in what we’re asking for. With upstream thinking, we’re trying to make something happen. With downstream thinking, we allow it to happen. Downstream thoughts enable us to make peace with where we are, for example: “I am where I am. I’m doing my best. It’s all OK. It’s getting better all the time.” Thinking about what we don’t want is upstream. Thinking about what we do want and why we want it is downstream. Downstream is the magical relief of dropping the oars and letting the stream carry us. All we have to do is relax and trust the stream to carry us where we want to go.

Trust the Stream.

It’s all about trusting the stream to carry us to everything we desire. Trust is the key to going with the flow of Well-Being. I now understand WHY the stream will take me where I want to go. Because it’s MY stream! I set the stream into motion with MY desire. Here’s how it works: When I have a desire, Source (the greater part of me) says “YES! Your wish is my command!” and immediately goes there. Source becomes the vibrational equivalent of what I am asking for. From this place, from the fulfillment of my desires, Source gently calls me toward it. And my part, then, is just to relax and enjoy the ride.

Source is always calling us downstream, where our stuff is, where our joy is, where our abundance is. There is nothing to make happen. We have already done our part – We have asked! Everything we want can and should be ours. It’s the way the Universe is designed. Ask and it is done! Knowing this, we can trust. Knowing this, we can lighten up and listen to the call of Source. Knowing this, we can relax and enjoy the Magic of Going with the Flow!


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