Weight Loss


Conjuring the Feeling of Perfect Body Weight
Abraham teaches that judgment about yourself will keep you where you are and how to go about finding the feeling of freedom.

Desire, Belief and Weight Loss
Abraham explains the criteria for achieving your desires.

Lose Weight With Self Encouragement
Abraham offers suggestions and encouragement to feel better about your body.


Enjoy the Holidays and Lose Weight Too!
By Kate Corbin ~ You know the drill. Every year, you overeat from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and you gain weight. How would you like to change all that this holiday season? How would you like to be able to enjoy all the holiday goodies and actually lose weight rather than gain? Read more…


“So when you say “I’m feeling good, I’m feeling happier about food, I’m eating more of what I’m wanting,” we would say that’s the emotional warm up. But then you say “But, I’m gaining weight.” So the emotional journey that we’re talking about is if you will let your gauge not be the scale for a while, not be the physical results for a while, but let your gauge be your mood or your attitude, and you can maintain that for a little while, you’ll begin to notice that once you get through that warm up time, that your body will start to come into vibrational alignment with your improving expectation.” – Abraham-Hicks

“As you sit in front a plate full of food or in front a buffet, you literally announce to the food “I am appreciating the benefit that you offer to me. I’m appreciating my means to be here to participate with you, and I’m anticipating that we will have a good relationship together. And as you begin to talk to yourself in these encouraging ways, you will begin to feel better about food. You’ll stop feeling guilty about things that you eat that you want to eat that you feel guilty about. It is about what you eat, it’s about the way you feel about what you eat when you eat it.” – Abraham-Hicks