Your Happily Ever After

By Jeannette Maw

Have you ever caught yourself in the routine of practicing your problems?

That’s where you rehearse what might go wrong, how you got there, whose fault it is, etc.

And then you try to figure out how to make it stop.

Except that it doesn’t.

It just keeps getting worse the more time you spend with it – like digging yourself a bigger hole with every repeated thought.

That’s the loop I caught myself in the other day.

Practicing a big problem, over and over again. Looking at it from every angle I could think of, trying to find a way out.

Which is like programming Universe with instructions on how to make things more wrong. Especially when strong emotions are flowing.

That’s when I realized I’m rehearsing the wrong story.

I needed to practice my happily ever after instead …

So I started telling myself about how everything worked out perfectly. How it turned out even better than I dreamed. How I got what I wanted – and then some!

I shared about how I learned to say yes to dreams come true. And how I loved every minute of it.

I reminded myself about times I’d felt super happy before … how well I know those feelings.

I told myself how good I am at letting Universe put it all together, since it’s way better at those details.

All I have to do is give good instruction, which I’m doing right now as I tell the story of my happily ever after.

I talked about how fabulous the people are, and how wonderful the place is. How big the money is, and how thriving my relationships are. How healthy and rockin’ my body is, and how my animals are thriving, too.

I included a few lines about my successful work and new ideas and huge inspiration. I talked about having tons of fun, and experiencing more love and laughter than ever. How much I’m learning and enjoying and appreciating this fabulous life like never before.

Then I ended with how cool it is that just when you think things can’t get any better than this, they sure enough do.

(That might be my favorite part.)

I share this in case your story could use some happily-ever-after edits, too.

My version didn’t include specific details, but I know people who have manifested amazing and swift change when they did. So it’s completely up to you about how your story unfolds.

So if you’ve got your problems on the tip of your tongue, consider swapping it out with your idea of a good time instead.

Rehearse the good news, practice the feelings that go with it, and watch reality follow your lead!

Here’s to paying attention to which stories we’re getting good at telling, and using our creative powers to tell even better versions.


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