vision board
Vision Board

Learn How to Attract Your Goals Easily Using a Vision Board

By Imelda Leahy

A vision board is a simple, but powerful visualization tool to get The Law of Attraction working for you, (also known as a treasure map, creativity collage, or goal board). It helps to manifest your dreams into reality, by focusing your mind on THE LIFE THAT YOU REALLY WANT, using a collection of personal and good feeling images that you look at many times in each day.

When you regularly and consistently focus your attention on the most important things to you, those most important things have to become your reality. That is how The Law of Attraction works; what you FOCUS on, you attract into your life!

A vision board usually consists of a poster board, or cork-board, with cut out images, pictures and/or words/writing on it, of things that you desire, or things that you would like to be. The purpose is to increase your positive focus on your desire, with images that get you to feel your passion and that enable, or activate The Law of Attraction, so that your desires can be manifested.

All successful people have developed ways of staying focused on their goals.

What is The Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law (meaning it exists everywhere, it always has, always will do and works for everyone, all of the time) and it states that what you FOCUS on, you are attracting into your life. Put simply, that means what we think and feel strongly about is coming towards us. You get what you focus on. If you FOCUS on what you want and IMAGINE yourself having it, then it is coming to you. If you focus on what you want, but on the LACK of it, then you get more of that and so on. If you FOCUS on your life as it is now (as most of us do), then you get more of the same (the good and the bad of it!).

Very often we are convinced that we are focusing on what we want in our lives, when we are actually focusing on the lack of what we truly desire. For instance, people may think and talk a lot about money (to use a very obvious example) and what they would buy with it, IF ONLY they had it, but essentially they are coming from a perspective of lack, that is, not having enough money!

This Universal Law is often associated with a film called “The Secret”, which is a documentary DVD about The Law of Attraction, released in 2006.

So, a well-designed and effective vision board should be:

1. Visual. Because your subconscious mind works in pictures, or images, your vision board needs to be highly visual, with as many pictures as possible. If you find that it increases your positive emotional response, you can also include words and phrases.

2. Emotional. Each image (photo, drawing, cut-out) on your vision board should evoke from you a positive emotional response. Just looking at your vision board should be uplifting and will increase your passion for achieving your desires.

3. Strategically-placed. For faster manifestation, your vision board should be carefully placed somewhere that you will often see it, so that its messages regularly reach your unconscious mind.

4. Private. Unless you feel complete support from your family, or housemates, it is best to place your vision board somewhere where only you will see it. Other people may have negative feelings, doubt, or criticism, which may be detrimental.

How To Make Your Vision Board

Your vision board is very personal to you and can be made up of just a few simple images, or it can be a complex piece of artwork. The only thing that matters is that it amplifies your desire, by stimulating strong and positive emotion. You do not need any artistic ability, or expensive equipment. An effective vision board can be created in a very simple way.

You will need:

1. A cork or felt notice board, or poster board.

2. A large collection of colour magazines, catalogues, travel brochures etc.

3. Glue, or map pins.

4. Scissors.

5. Access to the Internet and a printer (optional).

Step 1 – Cut out and collect together the pictures/photos/images that appeal to you, that are relevant to your goals and dreams and to which you have the strongest emotional response. You can, if you wish, use the Internet to find and print relevant images.

Each image that you select should resonate with you and be exciting and inspiring. It is also useful to think about how your life will change when your goal is achieved and to select images that reflect that change in your lifestyle. For e.g. if your goal is to get married, then select images that show a home and a life that is shared by two, and so on.

The following questions can be helpful in designing a fully congruent vision board:

1. How will you feel when you manifest your goals?

2. Where will you live?

3. Where will you holiday?

4. What kind of car will you drive?

5. What will you look like?

6. What kind of things will you own?

7. How will you spend your time?

8. If you want to work, what kind of work will you do?

9. Who will be the central people in your life?

Step 2 – Arrange and secure your images creatively on your board, in a way that makes you feel good. Pin, or glue the images when you are happy with what you see. The images should activate the feeling of having achieved your goals. If it feels right to you, you can also add in printed words, writing, or drawings.

Step 3 – Strategically position your vision board. It is very important that you place your vision board somewhere that you will see it often throughout your day. It can be especially helpful to place your board somewhere you will see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Step 4 – Update your vision board. If you use pins, rather than glue, then you can easily update and refine your board. It is important that you are inspired when you see it and that it renews your enthusiasm for your dreams. Fresh images, or photos can reignite your passion. It is designed to be a dynamic piece of artwork, rather than a finished piece. Conclusion

Essentially, a vision board is a visual representation of the story you tell yourself about who you are and what your life is like. We are constantly telling the story of our life, sometimes based on what we have been told by our family and friends and most usually based on what has gone on in our past.

The vision board gives us a way of telling a new story, of how we would like our life to be. The most powerful story you can ever tell is the one you tell yourself, in your own mind, through words and pictures. This story that you see and experience in your mind forms your beliefs and it is your beliefs that make you who you are. So what is it that YOU WANT to HAVE, DO, or BE?!


Imelda Leahy, Law of Attraction Life Coach and Trainer, runs a personal development business called The Law of Attraction School, based in Brighton, UK. She offers flexible telephone coaching, as well as group coaching/training, based on The Law of Attraction, so that you can be coached from anywhere in the world. Practical tools, techniques and processes can be easily learnt to help you to get this powerful creative energy on your side. Anyone can learn and change; it is very simple. You get what you focus on – wanted, or unwanted. You are invited to visit the website for further information about The Law of Attraction, to sign up for Imelda’s free Ezine “Attractive World!”, to see testimonials about her short-term and solution-focused Coaching Packages, or to make contact if you have any questions about The Law of Attraction and the service that she offers.