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Have Faith in Your Manager

In this video clip Abraham responds to a woman who says she tends to try to manage more than is valuable.

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“I know what I want, and I’ve set the manager loose on it, and I know that the manager will do it, and I know that it is absolutely coming but I want to make sure that I don’t take a misstep. I want to be sure that I get the right inspiration at the right time so that I act the way I’m…and so can you feel the resistance in that? So just ask the manager to remind you when it’s time. In other words, just step right out of that feeling. Begin saying things like “I know I’ll know. The impulse will be very strong. I’ll be guided by very strong impulse. And if there is no strong impulse to do something, then there’s nothing for me to do.” – Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: YourDreamsAreWaiting