How Do We Appear to Abraham’s Sensors
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How Do We Appear to Abraham’s Sensors?

The following Abraham-Hicks transcript and video were excerpted from their workshop in Kansas City, MO on August 29, 1999. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

Video Credit: Vortex Joy

How Do We Appear to Abraham’s Sensors?

Q Thank you Abraham. I think this follows up along what we’ve been discussing. When
Abraham, you are not utilizing Esther’s perceptions, how do humans appear to you? Is that
possible to explain?

A It is. Sometimes humans will ask us what our experience is like when we are not focused
in a physical realm. And we are always delicate with our choice of expression about this, because
you are so oriented to your physical senses, you would feel lost without them. So when we say to
you, we have not eyes so we do not see, your assumption is, “Poor Abraham is blind, must be
hard.” We have not ears so we do not hear. We do not smell, we do not feel, we do not taste. But
we have vibrational sensors that are beyond those senses that are ultimately even more
satisfying, but that’s hard for you to get your thoughts around.

The other thing that really speaks more accurately to the essence of your question is, we
do not need Esther’s eyes to see physical realm. Because we can see through the eyes of the tree,
through the eyes of the frog, through the eyes of the masses, through the eyes of the satellite,
through the eyes of the ant. Now, those are good eyes there, those ant eyes. You get a sense of
what we are talking about?

In other words, when you are vibrational perception, you can perceive infinitely,
intricately, vastly. And so, we’re not limited to Esther’s eyes. Anyone who is Nonphysical has
the ability to express in the physical. Now, perhaps the easiest way for you to hear that would be,
as a physical human, you can at the same time be an accountant, a boater, a bowler, a tennis
champion, a father, a brother, a real estate agent in one Universe. And you are rarely doing all of
those things at the same time. You are multi-faceted, and you have many different places that
you could turn your attention, and one does not need to detract from the other.

Your Inner Being, or the Abraham that you are referring to, we can simultaneously
experience many things at the same time—because we are multidimensional in our now
perspective. But you see, you have to understand Abraham is not a singular Consciousness as
you feel that you are in your singular bodies. Abraham is Collective Consciousness. So there is a
Stream, or River, of Consciousness. As one of you asks a question, there are many, many points
of Consciousness that are funneling through what feels to be one perspective (because there is, in
this case, one human who is interpreting or articulating it), so it appears singular to you. While
we are multidimensional and multi-faceted, and certainly multi-Consciousness. Not easy to get
your thoughts around, we know.

You are accustomed to looking at yourselves as individual clumps. Esther can feel it
more readily than she can express it. Sometimes you will ask a question, and she can feel by the
power of your question, a Stream of Consciousness pouring through her that feels enormous.

And it feels to her like there are not enough words, or enough time, to express the fullness of all
that she is receiving. She told Jerry this morning, as a question is unfolding, she can feel all this
Consciousness sort of clicking into place. And as it unravels, while she has no conscious
awareness of what direction it is going, it feels to her like a huge vortex is opening while
information is funneling in. She said, “It must be a bit what the computer feels like when it is
downloaded with information. And then the information streams forth in more linear fashion for
the human eye to behold.” And so, did we get to the heart of what you are asking, or is there
something left undone?

Q Well, I’m not sure. You might have answered it, I just don’t understand it.

A We have that trouble, yes.

— Abraham-Hicks – Kansas City, MO — 08/29/99