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About Collective Consciousness

In this video, Abraham says to be in  state of conscious allowing you must chill out and find reasons to feel good. To learn more about Abraham-Hicks visit their website:

“Today we’re talking about this emotional grid that is emotionally based, that if your selfish enough to care about how you feel, and you’re willing to practice good-feeling thoughts enough that you’ve got a pretty good habit of it going, then you can click in with the core of who you are, and once you’ve done that, this huge compilation of all things wanted by you will make their way into your experience in perfect timing. Not an avalanche that would just overwhelm you, but in perfect timing. Every idea in the world not coming to you all at once, just the one that matters right now with this gadget that you’re fussing with right now. Every piece of information not coming, every joke you’ve ever heard not coming to you right now, just the one that applies to this situation that will be most received and appreciated by those who are around you.” – Abraham-Hicks

Video Credit: LovingLifeWithAbe